My Prime Minister

Take our Prime Minister….Paw…leez

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And then there is “We”

Just two of many…and they keep electing him!

My Canadian Prime Minister wore blackface 3 times that we know of and then accuses us Canadians as being racist, genocidal maniacs. That Canada suffers from systematic racism;

Supports changing Canadian history if it reflects colonialism. But not Liberal past transgressions and never Sir Wilfred Laurier. Only Conservatives;

Supports BLM and Antifa. Took a knee for BLM and allowed their protests in Ottawa but vilified and crushed the Freedom Convoy;

Crushed freedom convoy protesters as having unacceptable views and then supports those who would burn down Catholic Churches as being an understandable reaction;

Calls himself a feminist and then fires two highly respectable women cabinet ministers for not towing the line in his support of a corrupt Quebec engineering company, SNC Lavalin;

He appointed a valley girl to be our feminist Global Affairs Minister;

Announced that all resource projects have to have a feminist slant to them or they won’t be approved;

Shut down the Keystone, Northern Gateway and Energy East pipeline. Next? Kinder Morgan.

Has destroyed Canada’s energy sector;

His qualification for PM? Assistant Drama Teacher;

He nominated a journalist to be Canada’s Finance Minister;

He has been found ethically challenged 3 times by Canada’s ethic commissioner;

Misappropriated himself and embarrassed Canada on a government visit to India;

BC reporter allegedly said that our PM groped her during a music festival before he was elected PM. He says that her views are hers alone and do not reflect reality;

His virtual signaling policies have seriously divided Canada along racial and ethnic lines;

He judges people by the colour of their skin and or ethnic lines and not by their character, merit or qualifications;

He had racked up more debt and deficit than all of the past Prime Minister combined. Over 500 Billion dollars over 7 years with more to come;

He is only in this for Quebec because under him only Quebec matters;

Supported Quebec unilateral amendment to our Charter of Rights even though Quebec is not a signatory. Refused Alberta’s attempt for Charter change;

Admires China;

Allowed Quebec to drop English as a provincial official language but bans any attempt by any other province to ban French.

Feminizing Canada’s Armed Forces and studying ways to take religion out of the equation all together.


He is a woke


And he intends to make Canada the wokest country in the world.

With only 33% of the vote this guy is in for life as long as Hazmat has his back. And he does along with other things.

I consider myself a Canadian only because I was born here. I certainly do not consider myself a Canadian in Trudeau’s woke version of our country.

Take my Prime Minister……………Please

But…but….who else is there? Anybody, anyone, hey even Kermit the frog.