Goodbye And God Bless

I will be shutting down this blog. I get very few visitors and little feedback or comments these days so I feel it has outlived its usefulness and its fun.

I have been doing this since Sep 2016. Very enjoyable for me and much has happened since then. My wife of 40 years, Marijke passed.

                    Marijke and I at the Grand Canyon, 2005

After a couple of years, I moved on and met a wonderful woman, Dot, a widow herself. Spiritually we are both on the same page. Christians thru an thru. We feel we are blessed with each other now and my two sons love Dot, which is great and is something that I and she were really worried about. And Dot’s two sons  are happy with us as well. Whew!

Dot and I at a pub on Galliano Island 2021.

In 2018 I did the “Way of Vezelay,” which is a 900 kilometer pilgrimage walk in France from the 9th century Vezelay Monastery, eastern France, to St Jean Pied de Port – the precursor and starting point of the Camino De Santiago, or the way of St James. During that trip I was able to visit Lourdes, a Catholic Pilgrimage site where the Virgin Mary appeared to St Bernadette in 1858 – a peasant girl who lived in Lourdes France in the Pyrenees. That walk and that visit were spiritual awakenings for me. It is a matter of faith though.

Staying away from the madness and negativity of big city life that we know of today was refreshing. It also helped me get over the death of my wife.

Thanks to all who supported me and encouraged me on my walk with your comments.

             Finished! Just outside of St Jean

The blog helped me on my journey as a writer too as I tried to keep in practice by doing the posts Monday to Friday for 6 years. I have just finished my 4th book Red Jewel. I really enjoyed putting that story together. It is a fictional account but based on true events.

I will not stop doing a blog, just a different one. It will be part of my new web site: Check it out. I want to focus more on my writing and the marketing of my books.

So that is it. What is wonderful about blogging is the contacts you make from people all over the world.

Thanks and may God Bless you.

Remember, that with all of the chaos, wokeness and madness in the world today, one constant is certain and that is that God is in control of everything. If you know and believe that then all of your anxiety and worries melt away.

To all of my friends out there, cheers…Shakey Jay


John Morrison


A grumpy old retired Naval Officer who may well be way past his best before date.

My preferred national anthem, which would be banned today, for a signoff:




5 thoughts on “Goodbye And God Bless”

  1. Thanks so much for all of your writing! It has been so refreshing to read some honest, experienced, heart felt expressions of wonderment, concern and finally hope.
    All of the best in your next endeavors. May you continue to enjoy this time of writing and being loved.

    1. Thanks Derek. Good luck to you as well. You can still find me at the web site, or .ca. One of the pages there will be a blog. It will be different than the shakyjay site under the Latesst News page. It is not active as yet though. Thanks again for all of your comments.


  2. Thanks for the years I read it one thing you are not afraid to say what is on your mind and don’t mince words. I will check out your website and will probably do what I can to help a poor starving author

    1. Lol Ted. Starving as right. I will let ya know when ready as Dot is having one last proof read. I will then send a blast email out to everyone I know whi is helping a starving artiste with emphasis on starving. Lol. Thxs a bunch Ted

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