Sad Lisa, Lisa

Given all the crappola out there surrounding COP 27 being held at Shame – el – Shellacking about the danger of livestock flatulance (methane) I thought this post was apropos.

Typical Victorian summer day.

See the source imageVictoria: City of Gardens


Mayor of Victoria, Lisa Helps, is not happy about fossil fuels. In fact Victoria hates fossil fuels. But they love to grovel in shyte (sic…ning)

Victoria dumps an average of 82 million litres of raw sewage daily into our world class coastal waters. (…) 

But Victoria’s shyte (sic…ning) doesn’t stink.

So Lisa, get off your butt and ban all cars in the city. Stop being the hypocrite that you and your council are.

See the source image

All of this reminds me of an earlier post of mine:

“Hey Jay, what’s a shakin today?”

“Well let’s see George. Quite a bit actually

“California is going to ban cow flatulence George”

“What’s flatulence Jay?”

“Cow farts George. They are going to ban cow farts in California to save the planet!”

“No kidding. You’re ribbing me Jay!”

“I can’t make this stuff up George. Next they’ll ban people from taking more than one breath a minute in order to reduce CO2 emissions. When that occurs you’ll be seeing a whole lot of people walking around LA with puffed out cheeks – both above and below the waist! Holding their breaths and holding their asses. It’s insane George but I’m really happy about this because I won’t have to listen to these Moonbats anymore. Especially the pompous ones lecturing me on how to live as they accept their awards then fly off to their holiday retreats.”

“Wow, something sure stinks in the state of California Jay”

“That’s Denmark George. Something smells in the state of Denmark.”

“It does? They banned cow farts there too Jay?”

“But the Moonbats in California defend their actions by saying that people laughed at Noah too. With his ark George”

“Can you imagine the stink on that ark George? But then again the methane probably kept the water levels at bay by keeping that ark afloat and warm. And when the flooding was almost over somebody, Noah perhaps, lit a torch when he went down into the hold on that ark to see and hear and smell what the fuss, racket and stink was all about. Then, like the burning bush, KA-BOOM, that ark went up in an catechismic explosion.”

See the source image

“Holy shit” Noah was heard to say, but in deference to his Lord, the supreme being. Author’s note. Noah saved as he is ejected from his arc!

“The Old Testament’s proverbial shit hit the fan-tail of that ark George.”

“Is that where the proverb Ship.High.In.Transit. comes from Jay? Noah’s ark?”

“Perhaps George but I don’t know for certain. Could be. But it’s probably why no one has found Noah’s ark today. The methane explosion ripped that ark into a gazillion pieces, spread all across the ancient world I would think.”

“Oh yeah, and forced childbirth is the single biggest cause of global warming. I kid you not George. Must be in the grunts and the groans and the flatulence from where those labour intensive green house gas emissions come from”

“Women are giving birth in a greenhouse these days Jay?”

“Arctic melting will cause severe flooding on the shores of Greenland George!”

“Eureka, George”

“You don’t smell all that well yourself Jay.”

No, no, no George. Eureka! Eureka. You know -as in Archimedes and his principal (sic…ning), Eureka. That an object will displace its own weight in water. Arctic ice, it floats, but when it melts the water level in the Arctic Ocean remains the same. But the Moonbats out there will not believe this law of physics and will state categorically and adamantly that Archimedes and his principals (sic…ning) are coming to you from Big Oil.

“Oh and one more thing George. Global Warming will wipe out breakfast cereals by 2070”

“That’s okay cause I like my cereal cold anyway Jay, so I’m not worried.”

“That’s the least of your worries George”

“Man, we are doomed!”

From the Oxymoronic File:

“Safe Injection Sites are springing up everywhere across Canada George.”

“Ban flatulence in cows, and in humans too, as it really is Natural Gas, isn’t it Jay?!”

“You bet George”

“200 protesters recently protesting the latest LNG proposition in B.C. then hopping into their SUVs, pickup trucks and cars for the drive home.”

“Protesters protesting a proposed new cell tower in the local countryside all the while talking on their cell phones to get more protesters out to protest the new cell tower’s construction.”

“One of the mysteries of life George: Why are there so many sick people in health food stores? Huh? Huh?”

“Dont (sic) know Jay.”

“Bit of trivia George. How many falls are there in Klamath Falls Oregon?How many? Huh, huh?”

“Dunno (sic) Jay. How many?” One set of falls perhaps?”

“Nope. None George. There are no falls in Klamath Falls Oregon.”

Quote of the week

…Militancy is great – for pacifists…


“Until next time George”

” By the way Jay, what is (sic…ning)?”

“Well just about everything these days George, everything.”

Lisa, Lisa…..Helps


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Hey, today, 27 November, is the first Sunday of Advent. Advent, or the awakening of us to the good news of the coming day of the birth of Jesus Christ…our savior.

Advent is a period of spiritual preparation in which many Christians make themselves ready for the coming, or birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Celebrating Advent typically involves a season of prayer, fasting, and repentance, followed by anticipation, hope, and joy.

Catholics, of which I am, celebrate a month of preparation. It is also know as the start of the church year. It is a time of anticipation and joy. In the secular sense, as a young lad, I also viewed Advent as an exciting time in anticipation for the coming of Santa Clause on Christmas morning. Of course, living across the road from a Catholic church, my parents made me go to church every morning before school during the Advent season. Looking back, while I dreaded that routine, I must say that I am glad that I did it for the many years of my youth.

Family lightning candles on an Advent wreath

For those who do not believe in Jesus Christ or who are not believers in Christianity at all, I would  like to point out that whatever your beliefs are, Christianity brought much to western and eastern culture in literature, architecture, music and visual art:

Lichfield Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day - The British Pilgrimage Trust

Guide to the Cologne Cathedral in Germany

Chartres Cathedral | History, Interior, Stained Glass, & Facts | BritannicaBeautiful Stained-Glass Windows Around the World Photos | Architectural ...

Unbelievable beauty in the celebration of the Lord.

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church | HHL Architects

Free photo: Holy Bible - Bible, Black, Book - Free Download - Jooinn

The Last Supper Painting by Master of Portillo - Fine Art America

Famous michelangelo pieta statue of mary holding jesus bronze religious ...

In this crazy world we live in, it is nice to enjoy all that Christianity has given us but to also recognize all that the Christian faith and beliefs have contributed to our culture and society.

With your faith in check all worry and anxiety fades away.

Remember: If I am wrong about all of this I have nothing to lose but if you are wrong in your belief that Jesus Christ doesn’t exists or your denial of Christ as the savior then you have everything to lose.

Happy Advent season.


Sub Prime Car Loans: next major financial crisis thingy. Read the small print people! 25% annual interest rate – are you kidding me? – little down and end up paying double for what the car is worth. Double down folks, not up for heaven’s sake.

Guy is pilloried for criticizing Islam and banned from speaking at Berkley. He is an equal opportunity speaker in that his diatribes on religious zealots include all religions, particularly Christianity.

“Being all inclusive that we are we’ll let you slam Christianity but not Islam” one of the organizers was heard to say…..Geesh

Trudeau is changing the Canadian Citizen guide to make it more Sharia compliant. This on the heels of the refugee who beat his wife with a hockey stick…eh? Pure Canadian eh? “Well, at least it was a hockey stick” said one immigration official by the name of “Rocket,” who cited anonymity. Added to that “We will change the guide immediately to tell new Canadians from Muslim or other countries who honour honour killings that the preferred weapon of choice here in Canada would be a “Victoriaville” due to its shaped blade and shaft flexibility. It bends back after that slap shot.”

Government gouging vacationers with onerous taxes every step  of the way. Solution? Stay at home where you can smoke that cigar, have that beer, chase your woman, eat what you want, sleep for free, sleep in, no road hassles, walk around naked, fart, belch, scratch your ass, wobble your nuts, watch sports…do whatever. Of course, having the wife around may put a damper to that vacation fantasy.

Teslas and Other EVs equate to major government subsidies, which equate to increased taxation which equates to….SCREW YOU! See home vacation above.

When the carbon tax boondoggle runs its course and the government can squeeze no more taxes from your wallet, I believe that they will have to come up with another tax stream. You know humans are comprised of about 11 necessary elements for human life. Carbon accounts for 18.5 % of that. And, every time we exhale, we put more Co2 into the air. Now, unlike the current batch of climate doomsayers, I am not a believer that CO2 is a poison. I took Chemistry and Climatology (not my major) at University and know just how essential carbon is for our personal existence and CO2 for all life on earth, including the greening of our planet. So, mark my words the next huge tax grab will be a tax on our very existence. You want to live….PAY UP! Government extortion. But when they do it, it is not a crime.

Not Holding my Breath… | Backyard Missionary

How long can you hold your breath?

Word has it in California that the Moonbats there are passing regulations that will impede a persons ability to exhale. I’m told that people will have to hold their breaths for a minute at a time to reduce CO2 levels.. Of course nobody thought about the unintended consequences here. Holding one’s breath causes a human’s internal gasses to find the path of least resistance – in this case – right down though the oesophagus, the stomach, large and small intestine, colon and rectal areas. In other words flatulent assholes! “Gall darnit” some Californian flatulent asshole was heard to say, as he plugged his nose “We’ll have clean air even if it kills us.”………Geesh!

The New Republic states that climate change is killing us now. They cite heat waves (nothing new here) are increasing as temperatures climb (says who?). It has always been hot in the middle east. Cities such as Chicago, New York are heat sinks due to their high densities. 1934 was the hottest year on record (Look it up). The 8 – 10 year dust bowl drought occurred in the 1930s. It is all fear mongering by the UN, an organization that wants $1 Trillion dollars a year from western nations to fight this scourge. All of the UN dictators, well over half its members, nod in agreement as their mouths salivate with their new found wealth – potentially.

“It’ll be a foot in cold water before I will give anymore money to the UN.” So says Satan.

“Erm Lucy ole buddy that’s “It’ll be a cold day in hell before I give any more money.”

“Yeah write, you are.”

Solution? Stop having children India, Pakistan, China and other Muslim countries. Canada and the US – Get the hell out of the UN – now!

A little unknown song by a Canadian band that came out in 1972. A great year for music:


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What We Need Now? Another Krakatoa!

Definitely has a smile on his face. COP 27 just agreed to set up a climate fund to provide developing countries compensation for the sins of western democracies. That is us by the way.

Most third world dictators are ensuring their representatives stop by Switzerland on their way home to update, upgrade or unravel their Swiss bank accounts. Yay UN. Thanks a bunch.

Some delegates – some in their sleep – praised the last minute UN breakthrough on setting up the fund as climate justice, for its aim in helping vulnerable countries cope with storms, floods and other disasters being fueled by rich nations’ historic carbon emissions. Take that Canada.

So. There you have it. That car you drive? Its responsible for the latest typhoon off of Indonesia. Or Sri Lankan food poverty. Of course there is no mention of all of those African dictators who rape their countries of all of their natural resources and undermine their GDP at the expense and livelihood of their citizens well being and security. Can’t do that. This is the altruistic UN don’t ya know.Sri Lankan Protesters Storm Presidential Palace amid Economic Turmoil ...

SRI Lankan Street Party 2022. Coming to a Canada near you if our PM has his way.

BTW Canada sent 335 delegates to COP 27 held in the utmost luxury at an Egyptian resort on the Red Sea. Shame el Shalacking I believe the resort is called.

Oh, and the anthem at this years COP?

And Trudeau? He was off to Bali with Canada’s Valley Girl (Joli) for the G20 summit. What can be said of that illustrious gathering?


Actual real sound from an eye witness who survived the 1883 explosion and lived to post it up on You Tube. Amazing.

Cheers: John

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Carbon Tax

A Carbon tax was announced by our dear leader a few years ago in the Uncommon House of Commons. He made this announcement at the same time as environmental leaders were discussing environmental issues and carbon pricing initiatives down the road in Quebec with Canada’s Minister of the Environment. Was this a planned pre-emptive strike? Don’t know but something sure is rotten in the state of Denmark!

I cringed when B.C. brought in a Carbon Tax and I am cringing still with Trudeau’s Carbon taxing plan. It just tells me that these people have no clue with respect to basic chemistry. It is just another tax and money grab. 

Carbon © is an essential element of the Periodic Table (#6). I like to think of the Periodic Table as nature’s table or nature’s chemistry. Carbon forms the key component for all known life on earth so to tax Carbon is to tax all humanity for being, well, human. 

If it is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that our dear leaders are trying to control and capture then say so. CO2 is not C. But even CO2, which is comprised of one Carbon atom and two Oxygen Atoms, is an important compound element of nature’s chemistry table. It is found when we exhale, when we fart, shyte and just about everything else that we do. It is a byproduct for much of what occurs here on our planet, organically or mechanically. Carbon Dioxide is not an environmental polluting agent because it is not detrimental or poisonous to life (Biology Cabinet). Carbon dioxide cannot kill living cells by altering their structure or physiology in the same way, for example, as a snake venom will or certain MrNA. It can only suffocate an organism when Oxygen is not present at a sufficient concentration to sustain life. 

The difference between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide is one less oxygen atom in the molecule of carbon monoxide. This small difference renders carbon monoxide toxic and carbon dioxide vital. V..I..T..A..L! 

Did you know that talking to your plants is really, really good for your plants? Why? Because you are smothering them with concentrated CO2 as you breathe on them. And that is good for vegetation. It is a known fact.

I would hazard to guess that many of our politicians and their bureaucratic advisers are missing an atom or two as well. They’re policies are surely toxic.  And you know where this is headed?

On a side note even Arnie has gotten into the act.

‘Arnold Schwarzenegger orders gas chambers for some conservatives’ . He wants to strap their mouths to the tailpipe of his Hummer.’

Erm, that’s carbon monoxide Arnie  ‘Carbon dioxide, while a greenhouse gas, is not toxic and it is not noxious. It’s probably carbon monoxide that will be responsible for [tailpipe] genocide’

We, that is you and me, are next. We are doomed!


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