Climate Change And Saving The Planet

Here in Canada we now have a climate emergency. Yup, it is the new paradigm brought to you by the UN. The whole western world has embraced this concept.

Interesting, about 6 months ago a poll was done asking Canadians about their priorities given an election. The economy hit number one with climate change down at about 14. This was unsatisfactory so the Canadian press, in collusion with the Liberal Party of Canada, began to change things in a way to scare Canadians into thinking that the world is g0ing to end in 2030 if we do not something about climate change right now. We have to save the planet. Yes we do but not from the climate…from ourselves.

Can anyone out there consider the pure arrogance of the notion that we can change the climate of the world by reducing CO2 levels by eliminating the use of fossil fuels? This is insane yet the general public has drank the Kool-Aid. Climate Change action is now the number one electoral priority in our country. Group Think on a massive national scale? You bet. All courtesy of the liberal press in this country.

Take the sun out of the equation and see what will happen. Or just obscure it. Our last solar eclipse did just that and our ambient temperature dropped 10 degrees. Climate is just too complex for any one variable, in this case CO2, which happens to be absolutely imperative for all life on earth. The environ-mentals would have you think otherwise.

Did you know that June was the hottest month ever? Now it’s July and July is only half over. It will be August as well, followed by September, October….well you get the picture. I can tell you for sure that 2022 will go down as the hottest year on record. Just like 2020, 2019, 2018 and on an on she went. Why? Because the fat cats at the UN have to keep the apocalyptic narrative going. It is all part of their long term game plan to rule the world at some point in time in the future. This is their stated goal.

Did you know that cats are fatter today then they were in the 1990s – and that climate change is to blame? I always thought it was government largesse or subsidies.. Or that Whacho Cortez believes that to pay for her multi-trillion dollar Green New Deal all the government has to do is print more money through the Treasury. Venezuela anyone…or Germany after WW1. But for all of you environmental hypocrites out there I have this to say:

“Okay, have your way…now. Stop all production of oil and gas…NOW. No more airplanes, no more fancy cars, no more holidays, cruises, excursions…nada. Turn off the gas pipeline that goes into your house. Turn off that stove, washing machine or use nothing but wind and solar and see how far that takes you. Do it now. Get rid of all plastics including all medical appliances, tubing, intravenous bags. Scan equipment, everything. Don’t just talk about it because if you do not you are just one of the millions of hypocrites out there. And all of you that bought fancy homes out in the burbs, miles from your work…well take shitty public transit, that is if it services your neighborhood. If not, well walk to work.”

Enjoy your day.

In deference to our Prime Minister:


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