Carbon Tax

A Carbon tax was announced by our dear leader a few years ago in the Uncommon House of Commons. He made this announcement at the same time as environmental leaders were discussing environmental issues and carbon pricing initiatives down the road in Quebec with Canada’s Minister of the Environment. Was this a planned pre-emptive strike? Don’t know but something sure is rotten in the state of Denmark!

I cringed when B.C. brought in a Carbon Tax and I am cringing still with Trudeau’s Carbon taxing plan. It just tells me that these people have no clue with respect to basic chemistry. It is just another tax and money grab. 

Carbon © is an essential element of the Periodic Table (#6). I like to think of the Periodic Table as nature’s table or nature’s chemistry. Carbon forms the key component for all known life on earth so to tax Carbon is to tax all humanity for being, well, human. 

If it is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that our dear leaders are trying to control and capture then say so. CO2 is not C. But even CO2, which is comprised of one Carbon atom and two Oxygen Atoms, is an important compound element of nature’s chemistry table. It is found when we exhale, when we fart, shyte and just about everything else that we do. It is a byproduct for much of what occurs here on our planet, organically or mechanically. Carbon Dioxide is not an environmental polluting agent because it is not detrimental or poisonous to life (Biology Cabinet). Carbon dioxide cannot kill living cells by altering their structure or physiology in the same way, for example, as a snake venom will or certain MrNA. It can only suffocate an organism when Oxygen is not present at a sufficient concentration to sustain life. 

The difference between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide is one less oxygen atom in the molecule of carbon monoxide. This small difference renders carbon monoxide toxic and carbon dioxide vital. V..I..T..A..L! 

Did you know that talking to your plants is really, really good for your plants? Why? Because you are smothering them with concentrated CO2 as you breathe on them. And that is good for vegetation. It is a known fact.

I would hazard to guess that many of our politicians and their bureaucratic advisers are missing an atom or two as well. They’re policies are surely toxic.  And you know where this is headed?

On a side note even Arnie has gotten into the act.

‘Arnold Schwarzenegger orders gas chambers for some conservatives’ . He wants to strap their mouths to the tailpipe of his Hummer.’

Erm, that’s carbon monoxide Arnie  ‘Carbon dioxide, while a greenhouse gas, is not toxic and it is not noxious. It’s probably carbon monoxide that will be responsible for [tailpipe] genocide’

We, that is you and me, are next. We are doomed!


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