What We Need Now? Another Krakatoa!

Definitely has a smile on his face. COP 27 just agreed to set up a climate fund to provide developing countries compensation for the sins of western democracies. That is us by the way.

Most third world dictators are ensuring their representatives stop by Switzerland on their way home to update, upgrade or unravel their Swiss bank accounts. Yay UN. Thanks a bunch.

Some delegates – some in their sleep – praised the last minute UN breakthrough on setting up the fund as climate justice, for its aim in helping vulnerable countries cope with storms, floods and other disasters being fueled by rich nations’ historic carbon emissions. Take that Canada.

So. There you have it. That car you drive? Its responsible for the latest typhoon off of Indonesia. Or Sri Lankan food poverty. Of course there is no mention of all of those African dictators who rape their countries of all of their natural resources and undermine their GDP at the expense and livelihood of their citizens well being and security. Can’t do that. This is the altruistic UN don’t ya know.Sri Lankan Protesters Storm Presidential Palace amid Economic Turmoil ...

SRI Lankan Street Party 2022. Coming to a Canada near you if our PM has his way.

BTW Canada sent 335 delegates to COP 27 held in the utmost luxury at an Egyptian resort on the Red Sea. Shame el Shalacking I believe the resort is called.

Oh, and the anthem at this years COP?

And Trudeau? He was off to Bali with Canada’s Valley Girl (Joli) for the G20 summit. What can be said of that illustrious gathering?


Actual real sound from an eye witness who survived the 1883 explosion and lived to post it up on You Tube. Amazing.

Cheers: John

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