Sub Prime Car Loans: next major financial crisis thingy. Read the small print people! 25% annual interest rate – are you kidding me? – little down and end up paying double for what the car is worth. Double down folks, not up for heaven’s sake.

Guy is pilloried for criticizing Islam and banned from speaking at Berkley. He is an equal opportunity speaker in that his diatribes on religious zealots include all religions, particularly Christianity.

“Being all inclusive that we are we’ll let you slam Christianity but not Islam” one of the organizers was heard to say…..Geesh

Trudeau is changing the Canadian Citizen guide to make it more Sharia compliant. This on the heels of the refugee who beat his wife with a hockey stick…eh? Pure Canadian eh? “Well, at least it was a hockey stick” said one immigration official by the name of “Rocket,” who cited anonymity. Added to that “We will change the guide immediately to tell new Canadians from Muslim or other countries who honour honour killings that the preferred weapon of choice here in Canada would be a “Victoriaville” due to its shaped blade and shaft flexibility. It bends back after that slap shot.”

Government gouging vacationers with onerous taxes every step  of the way. Solution? Stay at home where you can smoke that cigar, have that beer, chase your woman, eat what you want, sleep for free, sleep in, no road hassles, walk around naked, fart, belch, scratch your ass, wobble your nuts, watch sports…do whatever. Of course, having the wife around may put a damper to that vacation fantasy.

Teslas and Other EVs equate to major government subsidies, which equate to increased taxation which equates to….SCREW YOU! See home vacation above.

When the carbon tax boondoggle runs its course and the government can squeeze no more taxes from your wallet, I believe that they will have to come up with another tax stream. You know humans are comprised of about 11 necessary elements for human life. Carbon accounts for 18.5 % of that. And, every time we exhale, we put more Co2 into the air. Now, unlike the current batch of climate doomsayers, I am not a believer that CO2 is a poison. I took Chemistry and Climatology (not my major) at University and know just how essential carbon is for our personal existence and CO2 for all life on earth, including the greening of our planet. So, mark my words the next huge tax grab will be a tax on our very existence. You want to live….PAY UP! Government extortion. But when they do it, it is not a crime.

Not Holding my Breath… | Backyard Missionary

How long can you hold your breath?

Word has it in California that the Moonbats there are passing regulations that will impede a persons ability to exhale. I’m told that people will have to hold their breaths for a minute at a time to reduce CO2 levels.. Of course nobody thought about the unintended consequences here. Holding one’s breath causes a human’s internal gasses to find the path of least resistance – in this case – right down though the oesophagus, the stomach, large and small intestine, colon and rectal areas. In other words flatulent assholes! “Gall darnit” some Californian flatulent asshole was heard to say, as he plugged his nose “We’ll have clean air even if it kills us.”………Geesh!

The New Republic states that climate change is killing us now. They cite heat waves (nothing new here) are increasing as temperatures climb (says who?). It has always been hot in the middle east. Cities such as Chicago, New York are heat sinks due to their high densities. 1934 was the hottest year on record (Look it up). The 8 – 10 year dust bowl drought occurred in the 1930s. It is all fear mongering by the UN, an organization that wants $1 Trillion dollars a year from western nations to fight this scourge. All of the UN dictators, well over half its members, nod in agreement as their mouths salivate with their new found wealth – potentially.

“It’ll be a foot in cold water before I will give anymore money to the UN.” So says Satan.

“Erm Lucy ole buddy that’s “It’ll be a cold day in hell before I give any more money.”

“Yeah write, you are.”

Solution? Stop having children India, Pakistan, China and other Muslim countries. Canada and the US – Get the hell out of the UN – now!

A little unknown song by a Canadian band that came out in 1972. A great year for music:


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