Sad Lisa, Lisa

Given all the crappola out there surrounding COP 27 being held at Shame – el – Shellacking about the danger of livestock flatulance (methane) I thought this post was apropos.

Typical Victorian summer day.

See the source imageVictoria: City of Gardens


Mayor of Victoria, Lisa Helps, is not happy about fossil fuels. In fact Victoria hates fossil fuels. But they love to grovel in shyte (sic…ning)

Victoria dumps an average of 82 million litres of raw sewage daily into our world class coastal waters. (…) 

But Victoria’s shyte (sic…ning) doesn’t stink.

So Lisa, get off your butt and ban all cars in the city. Stop being the hypocrite that you and your council are.

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All of this reminds me of an earlier post of mine:

“Hey Jay, what’s a shakin today?”

“Well let’s see George. Quite a bit actually

“California is going to ban cow flatulence George”

“What’s flatulence Jay?”

“Cow farts George. They are going to ban cow farts in California to save the planet!”

“No kidding. You’re ribbing me Jay!”

“I can’t make this stuff up George. Next they’ll ban people from taking more than one breath a minute in order to reduce CO2 emissions. When that occurs you’ll be seeing a whole lot of people walking around LA with puffed out cheeks – both above and below the waist! Holding their breaths and holding their asses. It’s insane George but I’m really happy about this because I won’t have to listen to these Moonbats anymore. Especially the pompous ones lecturing me on how to live as they accept their awards then fly off to their holiday retreats.”

“Wow, something sure stinks in the state of California Jay”

“That’s Denmark George. Something smells in the state of Denmark.”

“It does? They banned cow farts there too Jay?”

“But the Moonbats in California defend their actions by saying that people laughed at Noah too. With his ark George”

“Can you imagine the stink on that ark George? But then again the methane probably kept the water levels at bay by keeping that ark afloat and warm. And when the flooding was almost over somebody, Noah perhaps, lit a torch when he went down into the hold on that ark to see and hear and smell what the fuss, racket and stink was all about. Then, like the burning bush, KA-BOOM, that ark went up in an catechismic explosion.”

See the source image

“Holy shit” Noah was heard to say, but in deference to his Lord, the supreme being. Author’s note. Noah saved as he is ejected from his arc!

“The Old Testament’s proverbial shit hit the fan-tail of that ark George.”

“Is that where the proverb Ship.High.In.Transit. comes from Jay? Noah’s ark?”

“Perhaps George but I don’t know for certain. Could be. But it’s probably why no one has found Noah’s ark today. The methane explosion ripped that ark into a gazillion pieces, spread all across the ancient world I would think.”

“Oh yeah, and forced childbirth is the single biggest cause of global warming. I kid you not George. Must be in the grunts and the groans and the flatulence from where those labour intensive green house gas emissions come from”

“Women are giving birth in a greenhouse these days Jay?”

“Arctic melting will cause severe flooding on the shores of Greenland George!”

“Eureka, George”

“You don’t smell all that well yourself Jay.”

No, no, no George. Eureka! Eureka. You know -as in Archimedes and his principal (sic…ning), Eureka. That an object will displace its own weight in water. Arctic ice, it floats, but when it melts the water level in the Arctic Ocean remains the same. But the Moonbats out there will not believe this law of physics and will state categorically and adamantly that Archimedes and his principals (sic…ning) are coming to you from Big Oil.

“Oh and one more thing George. Global Warming will wipe out breakfast cereals by 2070”

“That’s okay cause I like my cereal cold anyway Jay, so I’m not worried.”

“That’s the least of your worries George”

“Man, we are doomed!”

From the Oxymoronic File:

“Safe Injection Sites are springing up everywhere across Canada George.”

“Ban flatulence in cows, and in humans too, as it really is Natural Gas, isn’t it Jay?!”

“You bet George”

“200 protesters recently protesting the latest LNG proposition in B.C. then hopping into their SUVs, pickup trucks and cars for the drive home.”

“Protesters protesting a proposed new cell tower in the local countryside all the while talking on their cell phones to get more protesters out to protest the new cell tower’s construction.”

“One of the mysteries of life George: Why are there so many sick people in health food stores? Huh? Huh?”

“Dont (sic) know Jay.”

“Bit of trivia George. How many falls are there in Klamath Falls Oregon?How many? Huh, huh?”

“Dunno (sic) Jay. How many?” One set of falls perhaps?”

“Nope. None George. There are no falls in Klamath Falls Oregon.”

Quote of the week

…Militancy is great – for pacifists…


“Until next time George”

” By the way Jay, what is (sic…ning)?”

“Well just about everything these days George, everything.”

Lisa, Lisa…..Helps


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