Heartfelt Aid

My, my, my.

Never mind the war in Ukraine, the Greenies are all in a tizzy over this:

A Kalibr Missile just hit Net Zero bulls eye: Germany wakes old coal plants, UK talks of backflip on gas, oil, fracking too.


A Canadian cow mooing in agreement in French

Canada’s Green Party’s official portrait. Always angry!

Bulls Eye Borås - YouTube

“Methane kills…don’t ya know.”

Canada?….ah nooo. We are saving the planet.

And speaking of Canada and the war in Ukraine:

Backpacks, beans and 60s-era rocket launchers: The military gear Canada pledged for Ukraine – that was supposed to go to Canada’s army.

“Beans, beans are good for the heart. The more they eat the more they’ll fart.

Butt…butt…(sic) climate change? Oh nooo. All those beans.

These Guys Made A Magic Carpet And Took It Around New York | HuffPost ...

Flatulance…methane. Trudeau calls Guibault and his Defense Minister up on his magic carpet over this one. Their response:

“We confused rocket launchers with beans…we’re  afraid to say.

Putin is shaking in his boots over this one.

Another Liberal government takeover:

Trans Mountain (TMX) blames massive spike in project cost on natural disasters, debt costs — and frogs

TMX now expected to cost $21.4 billion to build because of cost overruns and construction delays…and frog legs.

And the Liberals are going to mandate EVs and control the climate?

Next headline: TMX pipeline project scrapped by the Liberal government. Frogs are croaking in jubilation.

Here is an old classic: Pipeline by the Ventures.

They better be careful so as not to be cancelled.

Speaking of beans, I gotta go. Read ya later.


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