Mad World

Compulsory purchase (expropriation) will be an option to close down Dutch farms and reduce livestock…to save the planet: Dutch ministers.

So under the UN and WEF’s ESG plans countries will go from this landscape:

To this:

Soviet apartment blocks | Stock Photo | Colourbox

Sign me up.

I bet all of those European countries are so happy that over time they gave up their sovereignty to an unelected body such as the EU. The EU started out as an economic, trading forum only. Not any more. Totalitarianism gone amok. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Soon to be coming to a Canadian Official Community Plan near you. It is happening now. Everything has a climate change lens to it. Bet on it.

Ahh…the beautiful boring game:

world cup

Arab soccer fans in Qatar are ensuring their Israeli counterparts know their place at the first World Cup in the Middle East, by refusing to interview with Israeli journalists, heckling, and in some cases, even resorting to violence.

Why do we politicize everything these days?

And it protects your ears when firing that high powered rifle of yours. Cool!

Glad I’m not a Liberal:

Messages? Stay clear of Universities and home school your children.

Hey, if you’re depressed in Canada, we have an app for that. Video on you tube that promoted assisted suicide in Canada, known as MAiD, has been taken down. I saw it and it is disgusting.

Death becomes you.

Disgustingly progressive Liberal thinking in Canada. What would God think of this? Then again in a liberal progressive mind God is an illusion or the great delusion.

It is a mad world.

Even Liberal music is depressing.


Go out for a long walk, on a clear sunny brisk winter’s day, without distractions, and enjoy all that we have been blessed with. It will clear your mind and allow you to see God’s wonderful creation as set before your very eyes and senses. A sense of peace and elation will blanket all of your sad, mad thoughts. Anxiety and depression will fade away for God is in control and has a plan for each and every one of us. Trust Him. He loves you.

Or dance:

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  1. Amen and amen.
    In a world gone nuts, get outside and away from the maddening din. Let creation bring us back to an even keel and that we may know that is well with our souls.
    Thanks for your postings.
    Greatly appreciated,

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