Dead End Street

MAiD is Canada’s version of the final solution.

And I am not talking about a French Maid either.

French Maid Dress / Ladies Waitress Outfit UN17 - Make It Kinky

Medical Assistance in Death (MAiD) is now being offered in Canada for a host of Canadian maladies, including Veteran’s mobility issues.

There’s no life like it.

No there isn’t.

Up front and personal. I served my country and got the jab…for free. But it turned out to be the wrong jab!! I was feeling a tad depressed and anxious about the whole process.

Texas death row inmates await executions for decades

In my mind the same applies for abortion, especially full term abortions that some places and people agree with. Unbelievable.

Canada’s new WOKE Army:

Achtung, fertig, WK! Swiss Military Comedy Reloaded (Movie Review)


On parade: There is no life like the military life. Hummmmmmmmmm.

I think I’d rather have this guy in my face:

10 Of The Worst Punishments From Life In The Military | RallyPoint

Would you want her to teach your child?

Teacher uses stuffed animals to teach children about pronouns and gender identities.

A California teacher posted on social media about using a “gender-fluid” stuffed animal to teach children how to use the proper pronouns: a llama Unicorn? Her or the stuffed animal? They’re not sure.

The teacher identifies as a “trans demiboy non-binary.” Say what???

No wonder there is a pandemic of anxiety and depression out there.

Home school your child and stay well clear of universities.

Oh sweet Saint of San Andreas, or the Yellowstone super caldera, hear my prayer.

Western society is on the path of a dead end street.

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