I’m a “Redneck” Cowboy

Love this picture of Hazmat Singh, Prime Minister Trudeau’s coalition partner and puppet master and the only person keeping him in office. Talk about a staged photo:

Let’s see:

  • Large Canadian Flag…”I am a patriot….”…check;
  • A Moose (but no Moose Milk)…check;
  • Canoodling paddle…check;
  • Another small Canadian Flag, representing the little guy…check;
  • Socialist Tommy…not dead enough…Douglas, father of Canada’s failed universal health care system…check;
  • Iconic Canadian scene of our CBC’s The National…Sport; and
  • Head gear reflects Canadian divershity…check.


His campaign song:

Love it.

Divershity is our strength:

“With our own eyes we can see that there is growing tensions between Hindu and Muslim populations in places like Leicester, UK. Foreign violent drama on the streets of Britain. We can see that.”

“We welcome you here with open arms….you, and bring with you your historical tensions and troubles for we believe in inclusivity…no matter what.”

Don’t ya know.

But hey, if my beliefs and values are different than your progressive thought then I am a “redneck” in your progressive rose coloured view of the world. Great comeback. So be it but at least I can tell the difference between a male and a female these days. Something progressives have a hard time dealing with.

We, us “rednecks,” are being asked…no being told…to accept that in today’s progressive world “bad is good and good is bad.” Something that the Bible and St Paul warned us would occur in the times of the last days.

A redneck’s EV…of course it’s a truck. Complete with a gunrack in the back.

Oh, and my “redneck” lawn mower…it’s a “John Beer Beaut”

Shaped, like a pickup truck…of course.

Us Vancouver Island “rednecks” who live north of the Malahat. We are proud to live in Mill Bay, BC.

A “redneck” and his kid “trick or treating:”…redneck bonding.

See the source image

I’m a redneck and I’m proud.


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