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FTX (from American Greatness – AG)

“Ya. Hehe. I had to be. It’s what reputations are made of, to some extent. I feel bad for those guys who get f—ed by it, by this dumb game we woke westerners play where we say all the right shibboleths and so everyone likes us.” —Sam Bankman-Fried

The FTX Bitcoin empire of 30-year-old CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is in shambles and millions of investors lost their shirts.

They got fried all right!


Elizabeth Holmes? She, too, was birthed and swam in similar Stanford-Silicon Valley waters.

Her scheme was Theranos. That was the pretentiously named fake-blood testing corporation that duped some of the most powerful investors in the United States to fork over billions of dollars to a twentysomething con artist. Holmes assembled on her fake corporate board some of the biggest names associated with Stanford University and Silicon Valley, whose brands masked what was likely the greatest corporate medical fraud in American history.

There is a pattern here of the “good” people doing “good” things with their “good” money that turns out very badly for everyone else.

META-Verse (Facebook)

Mark Zuckerberg is now laying off thousands of Facebook employees as his Meta disaster erodes his stock value and takes his net worth down tens of billions of dollars.

But it was just two years ago that Zuckerberg answered the utilitarian call of fellow leftists to use his mega money and power to stop the prince of darkness, Donald Trump. So Zuck, as he is known, poured $419 million into pro-Biden left-wing activist groups. That unprecedented sum was used to absorb the work of state election officials in key precincts to ensure the right people voted in the right way to ensure the right winner.

Zuckerberg recently confessed that his left-wing company had also worked with the FBI to suppress online social media expression. Translated, that meant that the FBI partnered with Facebook to quash news deemed not helpful to the Biden election cause, such as the all-too-true revelations from the incriminating Hunter Biden laptop that was falsely passed off as “Russian disinformation.”

Reminds me of the dot com bust of the 1999 / 2000 era.

Leftists still brag how the good mega-money sandbagged dullard Republicans and helped to give Biden the election.

There are more. Many more. All lefties. What do they all have in common? Young leftist ideology. Born and raised in the Bay area. Hung out around Stanford. Chutzpah for brains. Millions of investors lost their shirts.

Democrats – those beautiful progressives.

Demystifying Immigration Myths | Nation Of Immigrators

Leftist propaganda? Facts. Only the facts ma’am.

Outed? Right wing conspiracy theorists. Move on. No story here.

19 best Tinfoil hats images on Pinterest | Tin foil hat, Foil art and ...                                                    Synergistic Conservative thinking!

Tin Foil Hat people…? Normally republicans or conservative thinkers. Foiled again by lefty rhetorical lies. Duped and deceived. What do they have in common? They are generally correct.

This tells me that the 2020 elections and the 2022 mid terms were probably fraudulent. In time the truth always comes out. I am hoping that the PBS series: “American Experience” will expose the sham at some time in the future.

And the same exists here in Canada. Only we are more discreet and tend to keep our mouths shut.

In Canada we are saving the planet…one breath at a time.

Hard to believe this vid is 40 years old.


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