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C’mon Haz. Just a little peck…..

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, right, and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

He’s my partner, my coalition partner…coalescing, cuddling, don’t ya know.

Canadian Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier yesterday dismissed an auditor’s report warning taxpayers are unlikely to recover billions wasted on pandemic relief programs. At least $32 billion was paid to underserving claimants after the Canada Revenue Agency failed to make cursory background checks: ‘I want to tell them how proud I am.’ so says the minister, “so I doled out $32B for the dole.” My comment in italics.

Without a doubt we have here in Canada a government that is completely delusional and out of touch with Canadians – except of course Liberal Canadians.

Liberals win handily in West T.O. byelection. Eee gads.

Senators last night questioned one clause in a 172-page budget bill that would see Finance Minister Chrystia Freelunch spend $2 billion on shares of a company that doesn’t exist. (Blacklock)

Fantasialand on the Rideau: “That is okay,” an anonymous finance beaurocrat named Smith said: “The company that doesn’t exist would draw private investment in green technology, which doesn’t exist. The green transition which doesn’t exist will cost a good deal, really a lot, because it doesn’t exist and fantasies cost a lot of money these days don’t ya know and lord knows we need moe money.”

Canada’s finance ministry is a ministry which doesn’t exist, does it?

“Nope. More like the ministry of silly talks, I would say lads.”

And…and common sense in Canada DOESN’T EXIST!

Housing in Canada after 500,000 new immigrants per year? ESG scores through the roof? High density? Divershity? Coming soon to an Official Community Plan (OCP) near you….or Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and a host of smaller secondary cities like Victoria….Councillors seek free transit for Victoria's homeless - Victoria News

Canadian modern architecture and shitholes….

Canadian Museum for Human Rights will transform WinnipegWinnipeg

These Toronto attractions are offering free admission | Etcetera | Art - Pictures - Jane-Finch Gallery 2007No Thanks.

But if you are not happy about living in Canadian shitholes, well, we do have this….(BB):

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Would you like to be fried with that?

People buying these products and looking for a cheaper alternative over the cost-of-living crisis could increase the rise in battery fires. This e-bike caught ablaze outside sparing people's lives and homes

These days, E Bike sales are on fire with the lefty woke crowd.

I wonder if Freelunch was alive in 1959 and heard this classic.

Take it to heart. Unfortunately for us Canadian taxpayer…she did!

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