Insanity, But Then Again…

Skate Canada axes “man,” “woman” from official vocabulary;

Hockey Canada axes “man,” “woman” from official vocabulary;

Canadian government axes “man,” “woman” from official lexicon;

Canada is full of lumberjacks with axes to grind;

Medical Assistance in Death (MAiD) is Canada’s version of the final solution;

Norwegian filmmaker faces up to 3 years in prison for saying men cannot be lesbians.

I need psychological help because “I am a male trapped in a lesbian’s body;”

Ireland: man to spend Christmas in jail after not using ‘Transgender’ Student’s Preferred Pronouns. Hey! No they ass…;

The one and only New World Religion?….The Climate Change mantra. Next? One world government run by, of course, the United Nations;

IMHO, Climate Change is the end of times new one world religion as identified by John the Devine in Revelations;

The United Nations is anything but. Let’s get out now while we still can;

The Liberal 21st Century has become The Age of Unreason, The Time of Un enlightenment. And with solar and wind power “The New Dark Age;”

In today’s society, a girl is a boy, a boy is a girl. Confusion rules the roost. You better check things out the next time you want to get it on;

In today’s world good is bad and bad is good. Paul;

We have been turned over, by God, to reprobate thinking. Paul to the Romans;

Anxiety and depression are the new normal;

We have to eradicate systemic racism in Canada but in Ottawa white cis(??), Anglo males need not apply for any federal government position;

Canadian government policy has caused irreparable damage to the Canadian economy. Trudough’s Hyper-inflation, not climate change, is the existential threat to Canadian wellness;

Liberal Partisan politics: they give with their left hand and screw you with their right;

Trudough wants to protect the middle class all the while screwing them and destroying them economically;

Liberal Ottawa is a think tank of incompetence;

It is always someone else’s fault. In today’s woke world, personal responsibility is oxymoronic thought;

Hold resource sector accountable for violence against Indigenous women, Canadian MPs urge feds (CBC);

Natural resource companies are responsible for Indigenous domestic woes and violence;

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) scores equates to woke…ism, which equates to liberal progressive..ism, which equates to “go broke,” which is an expression of  the 21st century’s version of communism;

Climate Change doctrine equates to the UN, which equates to one world government, which equates to total state control of everything you and I do, and it’s coming to an Official Community Plan (UN’s Agenda 2030) near you;

Climate Change is responsible for everything;

I’m all right Jack cause I’m green and I’m subsidized. The rest of you are just green with envy, so as the liberal saying goes: “screw you red neck;”

Green is the new “red;”

Islam is the religion of peace and love: India: Muslim strangles his wife to death for refusing sex twice in one night;

In today’s world Climate Change is a synonym for INSANITY; and

On and on she goes.

But hey, there is hope for us all. No need to worry or feel anxious as God is in control of everything. We are all underneath God’s light. I can’t believe this album came out in 1971. Then again 1971 was the height of the “Jesus Movement” in the United States and Canada.

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