Joy To The World

Love this. Paranoia gone amok…or ban the cows…to save the planet…and Palestinians!

And you thought it was because of cow farts….silly you.

spy cow

Looks dangerous to me!

The latest Palestinian zoological-related conspiracy theory has Israel outfitting “spy cows” with surveillance equipment to track their movements, according to a piece by the Palestinian Authority’s official daily.

Palestinians have in the past accused Israel of sending genetically engineered sharks into Egyptian waters, “super rats” to infest the Muslim Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City, and killer Zionist dolphins off Gaza’s shores to attack Hamas frogmen.

In Canada it’s that nasty “beaver” that has everyone on their tails erm toes these days:

Wildlife of the World: Beaver Animal Facts & Wallpaper

Who? What? Me?”

I will never buy another beaver tail ever again.

World what?

Tell that to Iranian women.

“Left, right, left, right, left, right…..COMPANEEEEEE…ALT, erm halt:”

Canada’s Department of National Defense pushes ‘far-left’ ideology, claims ‘white supremacy’ has ‘infected’ Canada

The talk aligned with the department’s growing obsession with tackling allegations of systemic racism within the armed forces.

“No, we’re completely inclusive as we go both ways…” a spokesperson from the army said. “though we may be a bit confused and sitting on the fence, I will admit.”

“Left, right, left, right, left, right…”

More Canadian insanity

Ontario math educator conference to focus on indigenous knowledge systems

“Math teachers who go to this retreat on Feb 6-7th (Mon + Tues) will learn to incorporate indigenous ‘knowledge systems’ to ‘create transformative learning” for their students,” said former Ontario teacher Chanel Pfahl in a Tuesday tweet.

“Because ‘mathematics, along with other subjects, are not exempt from colonial bias.’”

So, if you have two feathers and you add four spirits and then you take away a raven hawk’s five salmon in the mouth, how many caretakers of the environment are left?

Erm….One? “No you white colonial idiot….thirteen…”

Quick…home school your children.

Or blame it on climate change.

I wonder if this song would be banned now?

Or this…

Boys ands girls…I’m a rainbow rider..yes. Best song of 1971…

Or even this:

…love one another.

You can say what you will but Christianity was and still remains an essential element to our culture…in song and in prose and in art and in architecture.

God bless you and everyone. Oh…and only God can control the climate….through the sun.

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