Red Jewel: Ted’s Letter To Jim (cont)

Another excerpt from my book “Red Jewel.”

Ted’s letter to Jim…..cont:

“For me Jim, Saipan represents not just a loss of my youthful exuberance
and innocence but also a loss of confidence and faith in the human
condition. Added to all of that, I lost some very good friends there,
one in particular. I almost lost the love of my life too, indirectly. You
see Jim, sadly, tragically, at such a young age, with the loss of my leg,
I became cynical about life itself, human nature and the limitless
capacity of my fellow human beings to inflict untold misery, cruelty
and suffering on one another. My heart became hardened.”

“Mother of God Ted, I am so sorry.”

“It is probably difficult for you to see this now but Saipan in those days
was a world of military fanaticism, of martial madness and of sheer
dread. At its very core life on Saipan was underscored by an oppressor
who ruled with the mindful and purposeful contempt for all that
was good and sacred in this world of ours. Honor, above all else, was
sacrosanct to them. Arrogance was a welcomed trait. Cruelty was
commonplace. Life was cheap. The military rulers of Saipan could
not understand compliance. Surrender was not in their lexicon. They
had no respect for a defeated or conquered people. Surrendering
without death was cowardice to them and was an anathema to their
code of conduct: their Bushido Code – or Bullshit Code as I called it.
Thus, the citizenry of Saipan, by their mere survival, had no human
rights in the eyes of their conquerors. They lived their lives under a
yoke of military oppression and disgust. Th ey were considered lowlife
and dogs by their military masters. Yet unquestionable loyalty to a
foreign deity was demanded of them. Allegiance and devotion were
expected to this foreign icon that was not of the spiritual form in the
traditional supernatural sense but of a human physical stature and
nature…in other words, their Emperor was considered a living gawd.”

“Unbelievable Ted. I never knew this.”

“The military presence that ruled Saipan in those days ruled by fear.
They were fanatical in their beliefs and demanded the same from the
Chamorro people and the Korean slave labor. To do otherwise meant
untold suffering or certain death. Not surprisingly Jim, over time, the
oppressed people of Saipan adapted and became dependant (sic) upon the
military dictatorship for their subsistence, for their security, for their
survival. Ultimately, they were brainwashed. They were brainwashed
into thinking that their military masters had their best interests at
heart. But they were also brainwashed against the very people who
were committed to their liberation and freedom. Us! Consequently Jim,
it was very difficult for us as liberators to undermine their mistrust of
us and of everything that America stood for.

“Sitting with you, drinking Oly’s and chit chatting on those
numerous afternoons at the Ala Wai, was very enjoyable for me Jim
and I do not begrudge those moments for a minute.

“The war in the Pacific was an American war, not Canadian. Canada’s war was the European war.

Jim smiled at that memory.

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Red Jewel: Ted’s Letter To Jim

An excerpt from my latest book: “Red Jewel.”

Ted’s Letter To Jim

“Dear Jim

If you are reading this then you made it to Saipan safely.
Congratulations. That is quite the accomplishment. You should be
proud of yourself. Enjoy your stay there. I hope you can get out and
enjoy all that Saipan has to offer you and Nigel, especially after such a
long sail from Honolulu. Good luck with your continued adventures.”

“Thanks Ted.” Jim said aloud.

“I hope that you have a chance to see this small island nation for what
it truly is. In my mind Saipan is a paradox of our creator.”

“I will Ted. Unfortunately, Nigel didn’t make it. Paradox? How?”

“On the one hand you will see the island as a tropical paradise or at
least an oasis for the modern times that we live in, not unlike Hawaii,
while on the other hand it was the scene of atrocities and a tragedy
that were committed on a scale that is impossible for me to describe
or to comprehend. I do not mean to say that to undermine the horror
and the atrocities that were committed in Europe during World War
Two. No, but the terror that was the Battle of Saipan, as part of the
America’s war in the Pacific, was more in your face war fighting. It
was up close and personal. Its impact affected every one of us who
were involved in it…differently and personally. It was traumatic in
every sense of the word. It was a shock. It belied our beliefs and sense
of righteousness. It became a nightmarish facet of our existence. The
tragedy that was Saipan was the extent to which the human condition
can fall when evil is allowed to set its course. Even to this day, Jim,
some thirty years on, it galls me and plays on my conscience. I have
nightmares just thinking about it.

“Jeez Ted, what are you getting at here?”

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“Red Jewel”

An excerpt from my book “Red Jewel:”

And this Huleia River? Its flow was peaceful and sleepy. It took us
toward the southwestern part of the island. From our perspective we did
indeed find ourselves bound within an earthly Garden of Eden. Kauai
was the Hawaiian Garden Isle. It was God’s gift to the Hawaiian people
and their pagan interpretation of their deity. But for God’s salvation’s
sake, it was only necessary for them to keep their own faith and beliefs
and be righteous underneath their god’s light.

After a couple of bends to the right, right again and then left , Nina
motioned me to row toward a clearing that she saw on the left bank of
the river. This I did but in the blind as my back was to our course upriver
under her direction. We were giggling, and then laughing, as our little
dinghy came to rest up on to a small red sandy strip of river beach. I got
out, then Nina and we pulled the dinghy to a safe berth out of the water
and onto dry land. I tied it off to the trunk of a palm, the shaft of which
was bent out and then up and over the river. There was a small clearing
that was perfect for us to sit, lay and relax under the warmth of the late
afternoon sun. Beside me Nina lay, stretched out, her eyes closed with
a broad smile of contentment and happiness that could be discerned
by the features of her youthful face. Th e soft light of the afternoon sun
highlighted her natural tan. To me, she was perfect: a real Hawaiian

“What?” she opened her eyes and looked at me above her studying her
every feature. Embarrassed, I turned away and couched my head into
the crux of my left arm.

“Nothing Nina. Just thinking. It is so peaceful here…so beautiful.”

“Mmmm, yes, it is,” she moaned, as if she was caught within the
confusion of a conscious thought and unconscious sleep.
I got up and walked over to the river bank and looked around. To my
right there was what appeared to be a weathered path that followed the
course of the river.

“Nina, get up, let’s follow this path here and see where it goes.”
Nina stretched her arms high above her head with clasped hands and
intertwined fi ngers. She then gasped, shook the late aft ernoon tiredness
from her being and came over and joined me. Together we began to
walk that path.

After about thirty minutes we could hear a light whooshing, rumbling,
splashing sound ahead of us. We looked at one another without making
a sound. Could this be the sound of a Hawaiian legend: of Pele looking
out for her lover? Who knows? But in an instant the landscape ahead
of us opened up to this large, wonderful vista. The Huleia Stream
transformed itself into a cascading freefall over a cliff that was just to
the left of our pathway. Not a very big cliff , mind you, but big enough to
form a beautiful waterfall.

“Whoopee!” Nina screamed then ran ahead of me, like a child…down,
down she went to a fl at area of shale at the bottom of the cliff . I followed
suit but my cautious nature had me treading gingerly down the path. It
was slippery aft er all. It didn’t matter to Nina. At the bottom, with the
waterfall to our left , was a large pool that captured the cascade above us.
The water was an emerald green color but graced with a bluish turquoise
hue. A rainbow, a perpetual beautiful rainbow, with all of the colors,
hung magically and perpendicularly across the face of the falls, forming
a perfect arc across the mist. Behind the sheen and veil, you could make
out the smooth, brownish grey rock face, the backbone of the hill that
formed the cliff and the underbelly of the waterfall itself.

Nina screamed with delight. She stripped down, naked to me, on
some flat smooth rock that framed the east side of the pool.
“Oh Jimmy” she exclaimed “this is so wonderful, so magical, mystical,
whoa–wee. I am so happy, so excited here. This is a gift , a gift to us from
the Hawaiian gods Jimmy.” Her eyes lit up and sparkled. “Oh, to my God
Jimmy…a gift to share with us.” And with that she dove off of the rocks
and into the pool. Her tanned bottom shimmering, refractively under
the clear water was the last thing I saw. She surfaced a few yards out with
her beautiful back to me. She turned toward me, and screamed…a happy,
happy excitable and playful scream. Nina smiled such a broad smile. At
this very moment in time, to me, she was perfect. And she was with me
— thank you Lord for thinking about me.

I stripped as fast as I could, hobbling on one leg in my excitement to get
my runners off . A short run later and off I went, into this magical pool of
enchantment with a girl that I was beginning to fall for. A cannonball for
heaven’s sake. I had a juvenile mind I must admit. The water was so fresh
and clean especially after our salt water bath. Surfacing, I swam over to
Nina but stayed a respectable distance away. Shyness was drowning me.
I just stayed there in one place treading water and watching her. Scared,
but in a good way. Nervous? You bet I was. Nina disappeared below the
water and then rose breaking the surface behind me. She wrapped her
arms around my neck, turned me ever so gently toward her and then
held me close, face to face, smiling at me. Her deep blue eyes drew me
in to her as if I was caught in a barb and being reeled into a net. I had
no control. The water around her, the waterfall, the rainbow colors, the
mist, the mountains around us and the outflow of the cool refreshing
water of the Huleia were nature’s aphrodisiac. I was trapped, nervous
with anticipation and helpless all the same but willing and able. Nina
drew me close to her. I could smell her sweet warm breath on my face.
Closer and closer and closer to her I came. Suddenly her broad, almost
comical smile and mischievous expression disappeared. She closed her
eyes and drew me to her mouth: her arms and hands firmly placed
behind my neck. We kissed — a long sweet embrace. I could feel the
warmth of her breath and her nudeness all around me — envelop me,
even with the cool ambient temperature of the pool. This was indeed
paradise. If heaven is even close to this…

“This is our heaven Jimmy,” she whispered to me. “Never forget this
place of ours.”

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Carbon Ax


$564 in Carbon Tax per month to run a not for profit assisted living home for 12 people. High efficiency boilers already installed. LED lights installed. Can we not get a rebate? 


Then what is the solution?

“Well, we do have MAiD… Canada’s Medical Assistance in Flying…erm, Dying.”

“Just think, your overhead will disappear immediately. No worries and no problems.”

More Canadian Liberal largesse.

When Trudeau came to power in 2015 one of the very first things he did was cancel the F35 procurement. Why? Because it was one of those dastardly conservative initiatives by that evil demonic Stephen Harper. Likewise for the Canadian Strategic Ship Building Plan. The following image says it all:


8 years later. Poor Department of Defence has to put up with such incompetence. Oh, and Canada’s new ships? In total disarray. He screws up everything he touches. And he is going to fight alleged climate change and save the world?

Justin Trudeau's India Trip, And All The Other Times He's Dressed Up

Well, of course he is!

And the US of A is no better:

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