Effin What?

Our Governor General just spent 0ver $800K to visit her home town.

Who is Mary Simon, Canada's first Indigenous governor general ...

$800 effin thousand dollars. Are you kidding me??

She also had an RCAF flight crew log nearly 3,000 kilometres so she could attend a six-minute ceremony, records show. Simon earlier said it was “up to all of us to act responsibly” to fight climate change: “How we do things is just as important as what we do.”  Yeah right!?!?

And she never smiles. I wouldn’t want to mess with her and oh yeah, she just returned from Germany where she and 35 of her closest friends charged Canadians with a $700,000 bill. She has got to go.

Our government is sooooooo out of touch with average Canadian’s reality.

Screw you Truckers

Trudeau's biggest threat after NAFTA—himself - Macleans.ca

Her hand salute is very strange. Where have I seen that before?

Dr. Strangelove starts at 6:15 on TCM - AR15.COM

Oh yeah.

October 2025 (next election) can’t come fast enough.

Love this. File under the category of: yeah right!

Liberal MP “Hang Ten” Dong leaving Liberal caucus, denies allegations of working against release of 2 Michaels – so as not to undermine Liberal chances during the last federal elections…Hoe…Lee…Cow!

This Just-in. The mystery of the $6,000 a night hotel room in London has been solved. Long in denial of any information on this Justin Trudeau has now confirmed that it was he that booked the room. $6,000.00 per night?!?! This guy obfuscates like crazy and has to go. Can’t handle 3 more years of him.

Remember Conservative Bev Oda’s $17.00 orange juice in London? The liberals demanded the Cons resign over that one. The Liberals have this type of corruption down to an art form. Nobody does it better…than them.

Lynx discount air will be providing low fares between Hamilton and Vancouver. Lynx says seasonal summer offerings between John C. Munroe International Airport (YHM) and Vancouver International Airport (YVR) will begin April 16 and run three times per week.

Ticket sales began on Wednesday from $89, one way between Hamilton and Vancouver.

Problem is, is that your checked or carry on bags will cost you $480 one way. And then there are taxes and fees…and…

Who wants to visit Hamilton anyway??

City Of Hamilton Ontario


Like the Canadian Freedom Convoy, I support of the Dutch farmer protests.

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Go Woke Young Man


Wearing uniforms of silk, coloured in the form of green relish, accessorized by helmets of natural camouflage, our Canadians soldiers are out on a hike set against the blindness of brilliant whiteness. Relish the thought.

Also in Canada:

Museums Too Colonial: Feds

Museums are too “colonial” and must educate Canadians on “climate change, equity, diversity and inclusion,” says a Department of Canadian Heritage report. Traditional exhibits are too mainstream and fail to “take into consideration important societal shifts,” it said: “For many years museums have decided what to acquire, what to exhibit and whose stories to tell.”

Fast forward two years. Attendance at all Canadian museums plummet to record lows. Many are being forced to close unless federal financial assistance is forthcoming immediately. And like Canada’s military it is:

Go woke and go broke

In order to combat systemic racism in our military and Canadian heritage, new recruits and museum staff will have to be people of colour. Whitey need not apply.

And this just in:

Canadian military to allow skirts and hair coloring for soldiers

Changes to the dress code were long overdue, the authorities say
Canadian military to allow skirts and hair coloring for soldiers

Canada has introduced changes in the nation’s military dress code, allowing service members to have long nails, face tattoos, and to dye their hair. The new rules also permit men to wear skirts, as long a they’re relish in colour and texture. Male soldiers will also be permitted to accessorize with REAL camouflage helmets.

According to an FAQ released by the Canadian military on Tuesday, the dress code revision was long overdue, but the changes were not made lightly. “The appearance of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has not kept pace with the Canadian society which it serves,” the document reads.

The CAF says the purpose of the reform, which will come into effect in September 2022, is to make the rules more inclusive and gender-neutral.

Fast forward a few years. Recruitment into the Canadian Armed Forces has plummeted. Numbers are the worst that have been seen since conscription was introduced into Quebec during the Second World War. To combat these low numbers recruitment Officers and staff will be present at all Drag Queen story times for children across the country.

There is definitely no life like it.

By the way, the Canadian military, just like Justin Trudeau, is the laughing stock on the international stage.

Only in Canada you say? Shitty!

Committee Urges Tax Hikes

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland must “close the growing income gap” with new taxes in her March 28 budget, says a Commons finance committee report. The income gap is not in fact growing, according to Bank of Canada figures: ‘It has been relatively stable over the last 25 years.’

You see, they’re laughing at us stupid Canadians.

Canada’s new national anthem:

Oh, and to ensure divershity and inclusivity, Heritage Canada has put out this version:

Relish the thought.

How did it happen? The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse.

We are all doomed.

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Sooo true. Biden has been a US congressman for over 50 years making an annual salary on average of about $100,000 per year yet his net worth is over $150M. That’s right 150 plus 6 zeros. Perhaps this could account for some of that:

Crimes against Canadians:

Prime Minister Trudeau has stated that men can be women and women can be men. This is the leader of our country!!! He has stated that anyone who disagrees with him could be liable for a hate crime.

Oxymoronic Health Canada is now allowing the sale of cocaine and other hard drugs in Canada. Anyone who disagrees with this policy could be faced with a hate crime.

Trudeau’s government is implementing an Internet censorship bill. Anyone who questions this policy could be charged with a hate crime.

Trudeau denies any knowledge of Chinese influence in Canadian election interference. Canada’s intelligence community (CSIS) has stated that he was briefed twice in the past before and after the 2019 election. Trudeau threw CIS under the bus openly in Parliament with denial of any knowledge whatsoever and he has stated categorically that anyone who pursues this line of questioning could be open to a hate crime charge.

Trudeau’s coalition has stated that anyone who questions the indigenous “grave” industry could be guilty of a hate crime.

If any Canadian dissents or disagrees with Trudeau on any policy could be open to a hate crime under Trudeau’s, erm, Canadian law.

How can he get away with this?

“Because I am Prime Minister and you’re not.”

Trudeau not dressing up for Halloween this year

A true narcissist is one who will deflect blame for any shortcoming in order to preserve their delusion of one’s personal aggrandizement.

Canadian government buys Trans Mountain Pipeline. Estimates established cost to complete the pipeline at just over $4 Billion. But, given that the government is now in charge the costs have exploded to over $30Billion. Proof again that the Trudeau government Fu^%s up everything it touches.

Darwin Award is presented to…..ta da:

Georgia man crushed to death while trying to steal catalytic converter: police.

Love it.

Trudeau’s favourite song.

And, if you don’t like it you may be charged with a hate crime.

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No Snow? Just Blow

The end of snow forever…so says Al Gore and the United Nations.

What 15 Feet Of Snow Looks Like In California:



“Man, look at all this blow…” one California dude was heard to say.

Jokes on you Al and the UN.

Oh and with sea level rising the Maldives will disappear by January 2018 (Al baby).

Maldives today:

W Maldives Luxury Resort - Fesdu Island, Maldives - ReelLuxe

Unfortunately for us, the UN, WEF and the sheeple of all western nations do not let the facts get in the way of the lies.

Snow on Mt Kilimanjaro will disappear (Al baby too).

The full moon rises over Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa. February ...

Mt Kilimanjaro today.

Deception will rule the roost.

I say we should get out of the UN and ban any Canadian membership from the WEF.

Take one cliff and add sheeple and you have the mass stupidity of group think:

Climate zealots.

The loss of critical thinking. Unfortunately for the like minded people of the country “Sanity,” the war has been lost. Standby for climate totalitarianism – coming to a 15 minute city near you.

Love this. From the Producers (1968). Coming to a western country near you.

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In San ity

Calgary Alberta mayor sets out to ban protests from political enemies.

Pastor Reimer is once again butting heads with local government, as Calgary mayor Jyoti Gondek is calling for a bylaw that would punish him for protesting and preaching against a ‘drag queen story hour’ event targeting young children at a Calgary public library.

What a drag…butt, the show must go on.

Butt oh to be a lobbyist in Canada:

Federal outsourcing on pace to reach a record $21.4-billion this year.

These so called experts make 1,000 bucks an hour. What do you make? Huh?

PBO (Canadian Federal Budget Office) says Liberals will not balance the budget in 2027. We should be crying but Trudeau’s laughing…at us:

Federal outsourcing on pace to reach record $21.4-billion this year

After all, I am the Canadian Prime Minister…and you’re not.

British Columbia’s budget increases spending ‘for all,’ runs successive deficits next three years.

British Columbia tabled Budget 2023 on Tuesday, introducing new spending measures and tax credits to renters, families, and everyone in between. It also forecasts a $4.2 billion deficit for the upcoming fiscal year commencing April 1.

We’re being screwed bigly:

B.C.'s budget increases spending 'for all,' runs successive deficits next three years

BC Finance Minister is smiling after tabling the budget and the BC Premier is clapping. “Butt, I am the Premier and you’re not.”

The country’s Modern Monetary Policy is in “Full Monty.” They are laughing our asses off.

“Print moe money!”

Butt, if they don’t care then why should I give two shytes? And my children and grandchildren don’t seem to care either…so why should I? Well…I don’t.

And Europe is no better:

Thousands of Belgian Farmers Join Protest Against Globalist Reset Plans.

We are being run by madmen and mad women.

Ukraine’s Zelensky is the most despicable, corrupt man and government in Europe. A con man of extraordinary proportions. And yet the US, Canada, and GB continue to support him and his country…no matter what and whatever it takes to bring down Russia. That is the real goal here. Biden and NATO don’t give two shytes about the Ukraine.

In any war the first casualty is the Truth. The Ukraine war is no different. Ukraine is toast but the west would have us think differently.

We are being deceived…locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

“And He will turn them over to reprobate minds.”

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