This, from one day of news:

Canada is sooo smug:

But, but, but…..Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed Monday that Canada “had a better pandemic” than other developed countries.

That is like saying my cancer is better than yours as you died 6 months before I did.

Los Angeles DA George Gascón suspends prosecutor for ‘misgendering’ and ‘deadnaming’ convicted transgender child molester.

But…but, your honor. He is a child molester.

But…but….we’re all in this together….

Over 95% of Canadian federal government managers received a performance pay top-up last year…

Canadian federal civil servants demanding a 47% pay increase and that working from home is a Canadian human right.

But…but…France’s working classes are going for a one hour work week. Oh yeah…says Canadian federal civil servants. We can do better than that. We demand a one hour work week with a 45 minute lunch break.

Nearly half of Canadians aged 18-to-34 support socialism. But…but, they do not want to pay for it through higher taxes.

Canada’s carbon emissions rose in 2021, says report. But…but Canada is better than anyone else in the world, don’t ya know. But…but our national photo-synthesis process is better than ever right now. Photo-synthesis? What’s that?… says our illustrious politicians and climate change czar.

Victoria BC’s right hand: tourism is down in this city. Businesses are shutting down due to decrease in shopping trips from the burbs. But…but we are going to increase parking rates and extend the parking rate times from 6pm to 7pm…so says Victoria’s left hand. So there!

Canada is going to increase immigration to 500,000 per year starting in 2025. But…but our housing and health care system is in crisis and cannot support our current population numbers. But…but, no matter says our government. We need more liberal voters.

But…but I don’t want to come to Canada as its too friggin cold.

22 Photos That Capture Insanely Cold Weather Conditions - What's That

Welcome to Saskatoon….but….but…how’s the lack of greenhouse gases working out for ya?

But…but EVs are going to look great here.

All cars sold in Canada have to be EVs by 2035. But…but, what about infrastructure and the cold weather? No matter. Don’t  obfuscate the matter with details. We know better.

But…but…I’ll be dead…no worries and no matter. But…but I do feel sorry for my kids and grandkids. But they don’t seem to care.

California and Southern California experiencing severe winter weather including blizzard conditions. But…but…Al Gore and the UN have said that climate change and global warming mean the end of snow. And the Maldives are still above water.

But…but…god is dead don’t ya know. Our new god Gaia, is the true god, so say the climate cult.

But…but…the true God…..God…is in control and He is having a real good laugh at all of the deception: “I will turn them over to reprobate minds.”

But…but…time to get out of the United Nations’ cadre of reprobate minds.

God is having a good laugh.

Southern California this week.


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