In San ity

Calgary Alberta mayor sets out to ban protests from political enemies.

Pastor Reimer is once again butting heads with local government, as Calgary mayor Jyoti Gondek is calling for a bylaw that would punish him for protesting and preaching against a ‘drag queen story hour’ event targeting young children at a Calgary public library.

What a drag…butt, the show must go on.

Butt oh to be a lobbyist in Canada:

Federal outsourcing on pace to reach a record $21.4-billion this year.

These so called experts make 1,000 bucks an hour. What do you make? Huh?

PBO (Canadian Federal Budget Office) says Liberals will not balance the budget in 2027. We should be crying but Trudeau’s laughing…at us:

Federal outsourcing on pace to reach record $21.4-billion this year

After all, I am the Canadian Prime Minister…and you’re not.

British Columbia’s budget increases spending ‘for all,’ runs successive deficits next three years.

British Columbia tabled Budget 2023 on Tuesday, introducing new spending measures and tax credits to renters, families, and everyone in between. It also forecasts a $4.2 billion deficit for the upcoming fiscal year commencing April 1.

We’re being screwed bigly:

B.C.'s budget increases spending 'for all,' runs successive deficits next three years

BC Finance Minister is smiling after tabling the budget and the BC Premier is clapping. “Butt, I am the Premier and you’re not.”

The country’s Modern Monetary Policy is in “Full Monty.” They are laughing our asses off.

“Print moe money!”

Butt, if they don’t care then why should I give two shytes? And my children and grandchildren don’t seem to care either…so why should I? Well…I don’t.

And Europe is no better:

Thousands of Belgian Farmers Join Protest Against Globalist Reset Plans.

We are being run by madmen and mad women.

Ukraine’s Zelensky is the most despicable, corrupt man and government in Europe. A con man of extraordinary proportions. And yet the US, Canada, and GB continue to support him and his country…no matter what and whatever it takes to bring down Russia. That is the real goal here. Biden and NATO don’t give two shytes about the Ukraine.

In any war the first casualty is the Truth. The Ukraine war is no different. Ukraine is toast but the west would have us think differently.

We are being deceived…locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

“And He will turn them over to reprobate minds.”

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