Go Woke Young Man


Wearing uniforms of silk, coloured in the form of green relish, accessorized by helmets of natural camouflage, our Canadians soldiers are out on a hike set against the blindness of brilliant whiteness. Relish the thought.

Also in Canada:

Museums Too Colonial: Feds

Museums are too “colonial” and must educate Canadians on “climate change, equity, diversity and inclusion,” says a Department of Canadian Heritage report. Traditional exhibits are too mainstream and fail to “take into consideration important societal shifts,” it said: “For many years museums have decided what to acquire, what to exhibit and whose stories to tell.”

Fast forward two years. Attendance at all Canadian museums plummet to record lows. Many are being forced to close unless federal financial assistance is forthcoming immediately. And like Canada’s military it is:

Go woke and go broke

In order to combat systemic racism in our military and Canadian heritage, new recruits and museum staff will have to be people of colour. Whitey need not apply.

And this just in:

Canadian military to allow skirts and hair coloring for soldiers

Changes to the dress code were long overdue, the authorities say
Canadian military to allow skirts and hair coloring for soldiers

Canada has introduced changes in the nation’s military dress code, allowing service members to have long nails, face tattoos, and to dye their hair. The new rules also permit men to wear skirts, as long a they’re relish in colour and texture. Male soldiers will also be permitted to accessorize with REAL camouflage helmets.

According to an FAQ released by the Canadian military on Tuesday, the dress code revision was long overdue, but the changes were not made lightly. “The appearance of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has not kept pace with the Canadian society which it serves,” the document reads.

The CAF says the purpose of the reform, which will come into effect in September 2022, is to make the rules more inclusive and gender-neutral.

Fast forward a few years. Recruitment into the Canadian Armed Forces has plummeted. Numbers are the worst that have been seen since conscription was introduced into Quebec during the Second World War. To combat these low numbers recruitment Officers and staff will be present at all Drag Queen story times for children across the country.

There is definitely no life like it.

By the way, the Canadian military, just like Justin Trudeau, is the laughing stock on the international stage.

Only in Canada you say? Shitty!

Committee Urges Tax Hikes

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland must “close the growing income gap” with new taxes in her March 28 budget, says a Commons finance committee report. The income gap is not in fact growing, according to Bank of Canada figures: ‘It has been relatively stable over the last 25 years.’

You see, they’re laughing at us stupid Canadians.

Canada’s new national anthem:

Oh, and to ensure divershity and inclusivity, Heritage Canada has put out this version:

Relish the thought.

How did it happen? The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse.

We are all doomed.

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