Effin What?

Our Governor General just spent 0ver $800K to visit her home town.

Who is Mary Simon, Canada's first Indigenous governor general ...

$800 effin thousand dollars. Are you kidding me??

She also had an RCAF flight crew log nearly 3,000 kilometres so she could attend a six-minute ceremony, records show. Simon earlier said it was “up to all of us to act responsibly” to fight climate change: “How we do things is just as important as what we do.”  Yeah right!?!?

And she never smiles. I wouldn’t want to mess with her and oh yeah, she just returned from Germany where she and 35 of her closest friends charged Canadians with a $700,000 bill. She has got to go.

Our government is sooooooo out of touch with average Canadian’s reality.

Screw you Truckers

Trudeau's biggest threat after NAFTA—himself - Macleans.ca

Her hand salute is very strange. Where have I seen that before?

Dr. Strangelove starts at 6:15 on TCM - AR15.COM

Oh yeah.

October 2025 (next election) can’t come fast enough.

Love this. File under the category of: yeah right!

Liberal MP “Hang Ten” Dong leaving Liberal caucus, denies allegations of working against release of 2 Michaels – so as not to undermine Liberal chances during the last federal elections…Hoe…Lee…Cow!

This Just-in. The mystery of the $6,000 a night hotel room in London has been solved. Long in denial of any information on this Justin Trudeau has now confirmed that it was he that booked the room. $6,000.00 per night?!?! This guy obfuscates like crazy and has to go. Can’t handle 3 more years of him.

Remember Conservative Bev Oda’s $17.00 orange juice in London? The liberals demanded the Cons resign over that one. The Liberals have this type of corruption down to an art form. Nobody does it better…than them.

Lynx discount air will be providing low fares between Hamilton and Vancouver. Lynx says seasonal summer offerings between John C. Munroe International Airport (YHM) and Vancouver International Airport (YVR) will begin April 16 and run three times per week.

Ticket sales began on Wednesday from $89, one way between Hamilton and Vancouver.

Problem is, is that your checked or carry on bags will cost you $480 one way. And then there are taxes and fees…and…

Who wants to visit Hamilton anyway??

City Of Hamilton Ontario


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