Schools Out…On This!

Can you believe this? Only in Canada you say? Shitty!

Trudeau speaks about federal funding to fight racism given to anti-semitic organization. “We cannot accept intolerance, we cannot accept racism, hatred and anger, particularly that which is not funded by the government.”

“After all, we do racism better than anyone. Just ask the Black Olives Matter organization.”

Oh and by the by-way, to fight systemic racism at the Canadian federal level only BIPOC individuals will be new hires. Whitey need not apply. There! Whew! Case closed. Next file?

Oh yeah, I forgot : 2 + 2 = 4 is a sign of whiteness or white priveledge. We prefer: “hey dude and dude-ess, bad ass: 2 + 2 = 5. Yeah bro, 4 / 2 = 0 white assess we have to worry about.”

However, woke math advocates pivoted from the falling performance of students, stating the curriculum needs to incorporate Indigenous Knowledge Systems and anti-racism to counter white supremacy and Eurocentrism, i.e. Colonialism.

That should fix the falling grade standards.

“Okay whitey: 10 beads divided by 15 beads equals 25 beads but I have no beads. No? Ask the feds for more beads then. I particularly like the earth tone coloured beads myself…taupe!

I hope none of these woke graduates go into banking, or accounting, or financial advisement.

Divershity is alive and well in Canada.

Home school your kids.

Next file

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