Heil Canada

The Canadian Reich!

Trudeau's biggest threat after NAFTA—himself - Macleans.ca

Leftist policies start out seemingly reasonable and compassionate before they become totally monstrous. (Germany 1933) Initially, there are sympathetic test cases, they started out with arguing that raped 12-year-olds should be able to get an abortion, and then before you know, it’s partial-birth abortion for bored celebrities. Euthanasia was supposed to help those with fatal illnesses suffering a great deal of pain. And then, in typical fashion, it morphed into killing teenagers and the depressed.

Where to in the Great North? How about killing the homeless and the poor?

Half of Canadians would agree to allow adults in Canada to seek medical assistance in dying due to an inability to receive medical treatment (51%) or a disability (50%). Fewer than three-in-ten would consent to expand the guidelines to include homelessness (28%) or poverty (27%) as reasons to seek medical assistance in dying.

Canadians are split when pondering if mental illness should be a justification for an adult to seek medical assistance in dying: 43% support this idea, while 45% are opposed.

That’s 1 in 4 on board with euthanasia for the poor and the homeless. Among the 18-34 crowd, it’s 40%.

And that means that this is the next bar. The conservatives will die off or be killed, leaving an exciting new electorate that has come around that the solution to a lot of problems might lie in killing inconvenient people.

Isn’t social justice wonderful? (From Frontpage)

Canada’s Covid tyranny brought out the worst in Canadians, especially all those Karen’s and Ken’s out there.

History repeats itself but most Millennials or Gen Z have no clue as they know of no history. To them history or day 1 of the common era began with their birth.

I always tell them where would they be if their parents aborted them?

God is not amused.

Life is good.

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