30 August: Pamplona to Puente del Reine

This will be short as the internet is poor.

Did 24 km today” left Pamplona early and walked some 15 km 10 of which took us up a ridge of windmills and an iron figures call “Wind Across the Way.” Prëtty cool.

It took us almost all morning to get up the ridge where these figure are located. The walk down was no walk in the park. It took a long time to do it.

This is sad:

During the Spanish civil war in 1936-7 Franco massacred hundreds of men,women and  children in this area. This monument honors them.

This is me.

Cool huh.

The rest of the walk that day was uneventful but the sun finally came out and you could feel the heat. That is why I feel (and look) so cool. Call me Nomad of the Camino. I did the same thing on my French walk 5 years ago when it was so hot. Soak the towel in cold water and fling it over your head. It is very lush here but I am told that will soon change.

I trained a lot for this but the training has not prepared  me for the rough terrain here. Not nice.

I would tell people to focus on hill climbing and thighs and calfs. Walk yes but walking alone will not do it for you.

That’s it. Read ya later.

Hi Dot


4 thoughts on “30 August: Pamplona to Puente del Reine”

  1. Those figures were in the Martin Sheen movie. Coming down that hill is there not a world map laid out in shrubbery? I believe that was where my knee gave out and bought a brace in the next day or two as you pass through a big city.

    I hope the weather improves for you John.

    1. Yes but also a memorial to men,women and childen massacred by franco during the spanish civil war in 1936-7.

  2. Hi John! Since your walking partner is Irish I’m assuming and stereotyping that his is the beer
    Great pictures

    1. You got it. I had gin n tonic. I can’t stomach the beer here- or the water although I have to drink it – the water that it.

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