31 August: Puenta Del Raine to Estelle

This is the terrain. Some times worse. 3 Pilgrims have had their Camino ended because of sprains and breaks. It is like walking over cobblestones on steroids. Try doing that for 20 kilometers. Not fun but then again Pilgrims cannot have fun. They must suffer.

But we are rewarded with views like this:

Or meet interesting people:

Andy and Susie from Canberra Aussie

Nice French couple from….France. I traded bunks with this guy on the first night because the totally efficient but anal  Dutch lady refused to accommodate them. “You were assigned these beds so you have to take them” she said Of course the couple could not understand her and were very upset so me being me waited till the Dutch lady disappeared and then I gave him my bunk. They were happy and that is how I came to meet Jerry from Northern Ireland who has been my walking partner ever since. Buen Camino.

We did 22 kilometere today. The front end was pleasant but then the temperature reached into the low 80s for the last half which were tough. Lots of hills. One hill in particular was very steep and about a half a kilometer long. That almost did me in but after a banana at the village cafe I felt better and continued on. The last few kilometers are the hardest of course.

At the end and relaxing thinking…John? Are you insane?

Ok Dot, which drink is mine?

And looking at this:

Caught up. Read ya tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “31 August: Puenta Del Raine to Estelle”

  1. John: Sounds like a tough go, its opening Sharon’s eyes are to the reality of the walk. The landscapes are awesome, especially for a history buff like you. A trip for a life time of memories. Its got to be fun meeting all these different people on your journey. Those Dutch people must be from North Holland lol.

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