01 September: Estelle to Los Arcos

Did 22 kilometers today. First part was cool with many hills one of which was about 2 kilometers long. Jerry times these hills by counting off 100 steps followed by a 20 second stop to recharge.  It seems to work. We walked through Estelle for about 2 k and then hit the country. Remind me of Victoria and Van Island. Brown, dusty, dry and dead looking. Here it is hot. About 84 today. Sweating like a pig. Drinking lots of water, pop and beer. The water is awful, the beer not much better but I have to drink something…right?

The second part of the trek was tough and not so much for the walk but for the heat. Bright sun, no clouds and no water fountains. It was so nice to finally finish and get into the Alberques. Jerry and I arrived in good time only to watch the other Pilgrims arrive sore and blistered. All ages here with many elderly doing this thing. The Italian girl is nowhere to be seen anymore but she hangs out with a drinking cohort. Oh to be young again.

What surprises me is the lack of interaction between the Pilgrims. Many just want to be left alone. Some are just not friendly at all. I make the effort but no response.  Tonight I sleep in a room with 6 women. I wonder if they snore!

There is a castle at the top of that hill!

That is it. Read ya tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “01 September: Estelle to Los Arcos”

  1. Hi John,

    Enjoying your tales of your journey!
    More beer and less water would be smarter.
    Also a lighter t-shirt as opposed to a darker one might help in the direct sunlight… just saying!!
    Hopefully the country gets a little prettier and easier as you go west.

    All the best,


    1. I sure will but the Spanish beer is awful and I am craving an ice cold beer. Everything here is between luke warm and cold. Sucks

    1. Don’t you worry. If I tried anything I would be arrested. I call her smiley. I havent seen her for a few days. Nice YOUNG girl.

  2. John, I am enjoying this immensely and trying to follow along with my blog on your stops. I am following along in my Brierley guidebook to see where you are and what is next..make sure you stop at the fountain with free wine..!!

    Carry on my friend

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