02 September: Los Arcos to Viana

Huge thunderstorm last night. Unfortunately it carried on all morning today. Streets of Los Arcos were soaked but very clean. When we got out to the countryside it came down with a vengeance. Gales force winds, sleeting rain, some hail. You could not stay dry.  I cursed the guy who.stole my poncho. It got so bad Jerry and I sought cover behind a bush. I remember crouching there as the rain was crowning my head and soaking every last bit of me thinking “ why john, why. Why are you doing this? Are you insane? Perhaps I am.  Dot? Am I?

When we got to the first village there were many pilgrims huddling about trying to stay dry. But there was no point because everything is wet. My waterproof boot? Not. Socks are soaked through, pants, shirt, everything. Rucksack is holding out. Thanks Mark and Michael. So many of these pilgrims decided to take a taxi or a bus. Not me or Jerry. No, like the good retired Naval Officer I am I soldiered on. Ás you can imagine the terrain was terrible. Water was gushing down the hills like a flash flood. One young girl got caught up in a torrent and had to be pulled clear lest she might drown. So Jerry and I called it a day at Viana. We wanted to walk to Logrono but our clearer and rain soaked minds prevailed. Nevertheless we did 18.8 km in this mud and muck.

No pictures  today. Too wet

I hope you all have a nice day.

9 thoughts on “02 September: Los Arcos to Viana”

  1. I’m not sure about the crazy part but I’m sure proud of you. Sadie and Katie said hi

  2. John: You sure do seem to having bad luck regarding the weather. I feel for you, it must be awful. Sounds like you have a good companion to endure this with. Misery loves company lol.

  3. Hi John, just got back from my fishing trip and got to catch up with your blog. Lynne and I are amazed that you are hanging in there after all your trials and tribulations. Man, the weather sounds like it really sucks the grand banana. You might need to pick up a black garbage bag and cut head and arm holes in it. I hope that things improve and that your feet hang in there, not sure if we could mail you anything since you are constantly on the move. Take care and stay safe.

  4. Good work pops! We are following along but don’t comment much.
    As for Why?
    Because you love it:)

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