05 September: Azofria to Santo Domingo

Did 11 kilometers today. Had to stop because it got too hot. It is hard for me because I am having trouble sleeping and while pilgrims have to suffer I suffer with a Sangria or two, maybe three.

Alzofria was nice. We left early as it was cool. The trail was waterlogged, muddy and rough. It is ok to walk early when it is cool but as the sun rises the heat begins. To make matters worse Jerry thought the first village was only 5 kilometers away. As usual he was wrong. It was 12. And hot. So I stopped and took a taxi to Santo Domingo, about 6 kilometers away. I could not go on.

This was the early pub, 12 kilometers from Alzofria. Btw it is fairly cheap here. Spending about 30 euro a day. Accommodations are about 12 euros and a pilgrims meal about 13 euros. The meal comes with a  bottle of wine….gratis. Boy I love this country.

Countryside is barren. Brown and undulating hills. No shade. Like the San Joaquim valley in California. Very very hot. Humidity is off the scale here. In 30 minutes you are drenched in sweat. Not nice.

Santo Domingo is a large town. Beautiful central square with the usual church adjoining. Domingo himself was a wanna be monk but the local monks would not accept him. So he branched off by himself and helped all the pilgrims get through the area on their way to Santiago. He dies in 1109 and is the requisite Saint and sponsor of this area.

Group from Brazil enjoying paella and Sangrias.

Read ya tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “05 September: Azofria to Santo Domingo”

  1. We are so proud of you John!!! It sounds like you are meeting some incredible people and eating some fine food! We cant wait to see more of your pictures! Pj says hi!
    Love Mike, Jeannie, PJ and Raptor

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