09 September: Burgos to Castrojiriz

Covering two days here. Burgos to Hornillos was 21 km and Hornillos to Castrijiriz was another 20. Hot, hot, hot. Did I say it was hot? Well it was. Beautiful sunrise… this was taken around 730 am.

And heavenly intervention.

We are walking in an area called the Meseta. This is a broad dry plain almost devoid of shade and trees of any sort. It covers the central interior of Spain. When they say “ it never rains in Spain except on the plain” it is the Meseta that they are referring to. Best to start early and knock off about 10 km before our first break. Then start off after a short break and cover the last 10 or so. We,re sticking to about 20 a day until it cools off, which we expect starting Monday, 11 th. Hopefully that is.

The Albergue last night in Hornillo was awful and to make matters worse we ran into the annoying Australian woman. She is some piece of work.  Her irritating presence was offset by a lovely Italian woman walking with her mother. We had dinner with them. They were wonderful to have dinner with. Except for the flies, the food here is excellent. Lots of it and cheap wine to wash it all down. But the Australian woman who sat at a nearby table nattered on all evening about nothing in her worst, cat scratching working class aussie accent. Eee yeah, oh eeeyeah, eeeyeah yeah mate, Eee yeeah. And btw, I’m not your mate.

We stopped at an old derelict monastery built in the 14th century. It was a welcome respite except for the koom bye ah armosphere among the younger people here. Don,t they know that us boomers had that all sown up at Woodstock 1969? It is all a fantasy but alas, d,accord they will have to find out for themselves.

At Castrojeriz. Staying at a monastery that has been renovated.

Jerry is back. I still can,t understand him but somehow we get along. I learn something from him every day. Today it is the word “crack” which means  to chat or “buts” which means a bun, or “ cack” which means underwear. It is all the Queens English he says. Yeah right I says and tell him I have to go for a “crunch.” A what he says. Never mind I says and tell him it is the King,s English and leave it at that.

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12 thoughts on “09 September: Burgos to Castrojiriz”

  1. John, I don’t remember reading that Jerry was gone! You don’t sound ( all in all ) that you are having the greatest time, but I’d bet my last dollar if I asked you today if you were glad you did this Camino, you’d say absolutely…no? Just the one sunrise in your pics makes it worth it …no? Glad you are enjoying the cheap wine and I hope the rain for the most part is behind you. I don’t recall you mentioning the “ free wine “ fountain in Uterga…did you stumble upon it? Good on ya John…

    1. Yes I did. A few posts back. I said it was a Rose. Burned my throat so I passed. Yeah, Jerry went on his own for two days. Before Burgos. It has been bitter sweet this walk. Too many people. Over 100 pilgrims after Burgos on the stage. Crowds is not what I expected. One guy said it will get worse. Thats why I have my sticks. To beat them off trying to get to the showers int the morning. A joke Ted. A joke.

  2. Oh that sunrise is amazing!!! I’m so glad the rain stopped. Can’t wait to get there and see it for myself, especially the food lol
    Love yah

  3. Hey pops!! Its so very interesting to hear about your travels! Hope that crunch worked out for you. 😀 Very proud of you dad, keep smiling, keep caring, and keep thoughts positive. Love you dad. -mike,Jeannie,peejees,raptor

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