September 18: Foncebadon to Ponceferrado

  1. Forgot to say that the walk to Astrioga we were inundated with flies and smidgens. Jerry had to put his netting on. It was awful. We met two American woman who were also wearing netting. Then we went down a big hill and came up to a woman walking….to…Isreal!!! She said it will take her 18 months. Dedication or what but she has her dog for company. Whoa, that should do it.

BTW that sign is wrong. It says 215 km to go and then the next sign says 250 km to go so we are walking backwards. Crazy. The distances are not in sync.

We arrived at our Albergue in a cold mist and rain. For the first time I can say we were cold.A Communal meal. It was packed. I did not like it because it was cramped. If you like eating and sleeping with 50 strangers then this life is for you

 I do not, and this has been the biggest disappointment for me on this walk

We left the Abergue at oh dark 30 or just before the sun came up, to begin what would be the trek through he’ll.

We started out with a 5 km walk uphill in rain and cold then high winds and then hot and muggy sunshine and then rain again and so on and do forth. At a cross the downhill slog started for about 4 km over the roughest and most dangerous terrain ever. Loose gravel over a slate stone base accented with rocks and boulders. It was ankle busting terrain and it slowed us down considerably. In fact the 27 km tooks us over 10 hours to cover. And in these conditions you are cold, sweaty and your feet are burning. All you can think about is a hot shower and a warm bed. Hey even Jerry was quiet. It is head down, watch the ground and walk.

This was  after Zubiri, the worst walk so far.

Btw, we are almost into our 4th week and have covered over 550 kilometers.

Wow. Read ya later.

My Italian daughter Camilla. She is from Balogna

Oh, and for Tom and Angie there are figs everywhere

Boy I love this country.





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  1. Well…I enjoyed the pic of the Cruz de Ferro. I’m sorry John that it sounds like the Camino won’t be up there on your “ had a great time list. “ Between the crowded alberques and the weather…and the smidgens…it doesn’t sound like much fun. On the positive side it sounds like you really like Spain though. All the best for the final push John.

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