September 29: Final Thoughts and Pics

Thanks to Dot for her support and love. She gave me a new beginning and a new lease on life when I was at my most vulnerable and for that I am forever grateful. Love ya sweetie.

Jerry from Northern Ireland, County Down. You couldn’t ask for a better walking partner. Great craic and lots of laughs. Jerry was very generous and helped many Pilgrims, including me. He kept me safe from myself. Thanks bigly.

Sweet Lucy from South Korea. Vibrant and enthusiastic. A real fireball.

Left to right: Florence from Italy, Camille from Balogne who is doing a PhD in Utrecht. Good luck Camille. Alberto from Florence and Jerry. Alberto is one of those characters that makes our world enjoyable. A great guy. And Jerry, always smiling.

Sam from New York City. Good luck to you. Say hi to Kathlene from Vancouver.  A great gal. Not shown is James from Bristol. Good luck in Nepal James.

Our landlady in Santiago.

Debra from Tucson and Stella from Zagreb.

Steven from Hong Kong

Helen from Manchester.

And all those other pilgrims on the square who arrive here by the hundreds in Santiago every day.

Our German friends:

Margaret, Claudia, Mathias and Rienard. So much fun.

Mary Anne from Australia.

Angela and Tammy from the Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada

Pedro and Marissa from Argentina, our friends from Brazil, Anne and Robert from North Carolina, and to all the others we met.

And the shadow:

Cheers and may all your Caminos be Bien and blister free.

Thanks Dot. See you soon.













2 thoughts on “September 29: Final Thoughts and Pics”

  1. Congratulations on getting through this grueling pilgrimage, what’s next on your bucket list? Now you get to relax with Dot and recover while ignoring all the crap news from Canada. See you when you get back home.

    1. The Waffen SS story made it over here.
      Canada is a laughing stock in Europe. Cannot believe this guy is still in power. Maybe Le Puy in 3 years if I am still alive otherwise nothing.

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