October 7: Fatima: A Matter Of Faith

Fatima is about an hour outside of Lisbon.

In 1917 the Virgin Mary appeared to 3 peasant children: Lucia 10, Francesco 9, and Lucinda 7. She appeared to them on the 13th day of the month for 8 months. She revealed to them 3 secrets, 3 of which foretold of hell and a greater 2nd world war worse than the first. The third secret is widely disputed but tells of greater world wide suffering if the people of the world continue in their secular and sinful ways.

On the 13th October 1917 the miracle of the sun occurred in front of over 70 000 people. Drenched in rain and mud the sun appeared to them from the clouds and seemed to dance in the sky. Moving closer to the earth  the people were scared but suddenly dry and the mud hardened. This was witnessed by over 70,000 people. It was never disputed but over time people forget and the cynicism of secularism rears its ugly head.

Francisco and Lucinda died of the Spanish flu in 1919 whereas Lucy died in 2005 at the age of 97.

You may not believe in this at all and that is your right. When all is said and done it truly is a matter of faith.

God, I love this country.

Spot where Mary appeared to the children. The original chapel.

It is a beautiful and peaceful place. A pilgrimage site for all believers.

Tomorrow Faro on the Algarve.


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