October 19: Last Full Day On Crete

Last day here. Off to Santorini tomorrow for the weekend then fly to Amsterdam Monday. 😔 I can’t believe that this adventure and the Camino Compestella started way back 21 August, although I started my Camino training way back in February. I know, I look awful here. But you have to know that pilgrims have to suffer. We are not allowed to have fun and….no swearing…damn!

The second part of the adventure started when the Camino ended. I mean, why come all the way over here and not explore the area? So Dot met me in Lisbon 03 October and our adventure began as this blog attests to. And the blog serves a dual purpose. To entertain and inform you (hopefully) but also to serve as a journal and course of record for me. As you may or may not know I have written 4 books (see menu or top of the page), so these short snippets provide me with valuable resource material for my stories.

Heavenly intervention.

So today Dot and I are going to further explore Heraklion and visit their natural history museum, among other things.

It was a nice day. Returned the rental car, went to the bank then walked up to Liberty Square. From there we walked along the car free roads and alleyways all the way down to the old Venetian port. Stopped and had lunch at a place on the water before heading up to the natural history museum.

Spent about 2 hours in the museum, which was interesting and fun, as this photo shows.

Afterward we walked some more, killed some time and then had dinner at one of the cafes around freedom Square.

Nice final full day in Heraklion and Crete. Loved it here. Back to our hotel, pack and leave early tomorrow morning for Santorini by  fast ferry.

Read ya later.