October 20: Santorini

Santorini, or Thira, is a small island in the Greek Island archipelago. Its large and expansive harbour is surrounded by high cliffs and low lying hills. It is quite dramatic and is famous for its blindingly white washed houses that are covered by sea blue tiled roofs. What is not evident to the untrained eye or those not in the know is that its harbour is a cauldera for in about 1600 or 1500 BCE the island blue up with one of history’s most dramatic,explosive and dangerous volcanic eruptions. The magnitude of the blast was felt all over the known world at that time and is thought to have been responsible for the decline and ultimate end of the Minoan civilization on Crete.

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4 thoughts on “October 20: Santorini”

  1. John, I think you missed your calling in life I truly do…you are SO interested in history…and I really admire that…I’m so dense and shallow…..you should have been a historian or history prof…really…glad you continue to enjoy your trip…good on ya…go Als go…

    1. Thxs. Yes I do enjoy history. My dad was the same. He also wanted to be a journalist but the depression and war screwed those plans. I guess I got those traits from him. How are the Al’s doing?

  2. Looking beautiful! One of my favorite islands! Love those bright white and blue houses!


    Love and hugs Margaret

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