October 23: Goodbye Crete

Come to Crete. It is fantastic. May and mid September are the best times as it gets too hot in the summer months.

Knossos palace was very interesting. Imagine the Minoans being the first European civilization. Walk among ruins that are 4,000 years old.

Beer is excellent. Food too. I am not a salad person generally but I loved the Greek salads here. Traditional and those unique to a region. People are super friendly. Alas they cannot make a decent pizza here and the fries are not so good. Interestingly, clubhouse sandwiches are very popular on Crete.

Now waiting for our flight to Amsterdam.

Boy oh boy I love this country.‏


2 thoughts on “October 23: Goodbye Crete”

  1. You definitely want me to go back to Crete!

    Enjoy Amsterdam!

    Love and hugs


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