COP 28

Well, it’s that time of year again when the world’s industrial countries, i.e. the west, come together for their annual pow-wow to combat climate change.

“Just think, we are going to limit temperatures to 1.5 degree Celsius. Boy are we smart or what?”

Noting that this is COP 28 should tell you something. It is an opportunity for the west to hob nob with each other at some fancy-dancy, high falutin resort and dine on caviar, shrimp, fois gras (poor geese), filet mignon  and the like, while the rest of us plebes freeze in the dark. COP 28 is the 28th annual cop-out.

Afternoon breakout session at COP 27:

Russia, Carolina and Circuses? It's Time for the Council to Wake Up to WeHo Issues - WEHOville

And you’re paying for it. Time to get out of the worthless UN.

Speech at this year’s plenary session:

Politicians Spotted Sleeping - Political Images & Photos

Canada, being Canada, will attend with the largest delegation of between 300-400 delegates. Led by our very own Valley Girl.

Mélanie Joly promet de rester si elle est élue et attaque le bilan de Mourani

“Can’t wait for COP 29. How I love being me.”

And you’re paying for it.

Thanks Canada.


Liberal Budget for 100,000 new homes + 500,000 new immigrants =  Liberal urban renewal:

City clearout of Toronto homeless encampments leads to standoff with residents |

The Federal Budget will balance itself = 1 trillion dollar debt since True-dough took office.

Black and Blue Friday

Gotta Watch: Shopping frenzy - This Just In - Blogs

I have no interest in financial matters: so says True-dough.

True-dough with two of his cabinet ministers:

Trudeau first sitting PM to march in Halifax Pride parade - YouTube

But hey, I’m Prime Minister and you’re not!

All the terrible things Justin Trudeau has done...beyond blackface ...

$25B subsidies for EV battery plants.

Superstorm Sandy Makes 16 Fisker Karma EVs Catch Fire in New Jersey Port - autoevolution

Any Canadian who supported the Freedom Convoy is a racist undesirable  – so says our Liberal government:

Leader of Canada's House of Commons is forced to apologize after ...

WW2 Ukrainian Nazi being celebrated as a hero in the Canadian Parliament.

Trudeau One + Trudeau Two = Post National State Canada without a core identity.

Canada is doomed

Go figure

The Fool on Parliament Hill



'I haven't said I would be resigning' over carbon pricing, Guilbeault tells Senate

I haven’t said I would be resigning’ over carbon pricing,” Guilbeault tells Canadian Senate

I only have two words to say about that!……………DAMN!

And another bit of good news for us Canadians:

Canadian judges increasingly make ‘governmental’ decisions: says a Supreme Court justice.

The Supreme Court justices as of November 2022, including Malcolm Rowe (bottom right).

Duh…well of course they do. They are all part of the Liberal Family Compact. They are out to screw us.

Justice Malcolm Rowe argues that these governmental-type decisions include court rulings that regulate conduct, including in the operation of the economy; allocate public resources; and determine patterns of decision-making by institutions of the state in the selection of…Santa Clause.

But I love their uniforms. Just think, when not sitting on the bench they can all be out doing this:

A visit with Santa minus the hustle and bustle - The Blade

I hear it on good authority that they have the same tailor. They are all fiscally responsible Canadian court justices…after all.

And the there is this:

Hey it’s Black Friday

U.S. Shoppers Storm the Stores in Black Friday Frenzy - Bloomberg

Just don’t yell “FIRE”….unless it’s a sale

Then Cyber Monday, Or KFC Tuesday, or MacDees Wednesday, or Screw You Thursday and…

I AM BROKE Saturday

Smug Canadians try to shun anything American. But when it comes down to shopping? Wal-Mart here we come. Nobody does it better than the yanks.

Yes, move over Crappy Tire, here I is:

And then:

Broke man stock image. Image of aged, money, middle, crisis - 18487621


A Broken Man by jafooo on DeviantArt

How am I gonna feed the kids?

Black Friday does live up to its name. There is a reason it is called “Black.”

Not for me.

And like Black Friday, as annoying as it is, here is an equally annoying song.

Enjoy the day.

Canadian Liberals


20 Funny Turkey Day Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends.


…why do they call it Black Friday when everyone is in the red?

Heard in passing:

FIRST READING: What if Canada's biggest-ever corporate welfare deal isn't even yielding Canadian jobs?

“Boy oh Boy Doug. Are Canadians ever stupid. We can promise them anything…eh Doug…Doug?”

When the Ontario of Doug Ford (seated above with Justin case) and federal governments greenlit one of the biggest corporate subsidy payouts in Canadian history last summer, their main pitch was the deal would create Canadian jobs.

Last week, during a visit by South Korean Ambassador Woongsoon Lim to Windsor, Ont., a social media post by the Windsor Police casually mentioned that “1,600 South Koreans” would soon be arriving in the community to staff the Stellantis plant, which is set to open next year.

Canadian Jobs? What jobs? Perhaps firefighters. It is an electric car battery plant after all.

Trailer Full Of Teslas Bursts Into Flames In Nevada And Nobody Knows Why

Liberal spin on hearing the news:

“We’re going to maximize Canadian workers. We’re going to have a transfer of knowledge allowing us to be successful for decades to come,” Minister Champagne says regarding potential use of temporary foreign workers for the Canadian subsidized Stellantis EV battery plant in Windsor.

“Yeah but Justin case, Canadians are really stupid. After all, they voted for us!”

Liberal Logic:

The world is a dangerous place. Wars and rumours of war are sprouting up all over the planet. The Liberal Party of Canada does what in response:

Liberal-nomics: Gobblygook:

While Ontario and the feds have maintained that the $28 billion for Volkswagen and Stellantis will yield a net gain in the long term, a September analysis by the Parliamentary Budget Officer estimated that — if all goes according to plan — it will take 20 years for governments to break even. Taxpayers could still be looking at a $14 billion net loss. Not to be outdone Prime Minister Justin Case Trudeau was in Maple Ridge, B.C., to announce the opening of another $1 billion battery plant that would be supported by up to $300 million in federal and provincial funds.

In reality:

Marching into history: At 20, Energizer Bunny is an icon - The Blade

A real Liberal shady character.

Liberal Budgetary Planning? Money for nothing:

What happens when banks lose your money?

That’s easy. They charge you a finder’s fee of course.


First World…War

But…but…its a First World problem don’t ya know!

“Homeowners (in Toronto) who haven’t had to bag leaves in decades ‘furious’ as Toronto cuts service to save $2.3M.

“People (in Toronto) are furious,” said Etobicoke Centre Coun. Stephen Holyday.

Meanwhile thousands are dying in the Ukraine, Middle East and elsewhere.

But Toronto? Heaven can’t help us. Oh the horror of it all. Bring in more migrants to rake this stuff up.

Until this fall, residents in some of the city's leafier neighborhoods could simply pile their leaves near the side of the road, instead of bagging them, for city pick up.

Oh, the horror of it all.

In some parts of the city, residents have not needed to bag their leaves. They could just pile then near the road, and city crews would come along and suction them up.

Meanwhile thousands of Canadians are forced into food banks.

Woe is me if I have to live in Toronto and be forced to do this.

But…but…it is a first world problem, don’t ya know.


Mosque attack victims shaken after hate-motivated assaults lead to Toronto man’s arrest

28-year-old charged in connection with 3 attacks, including an incident outside a mosque.

Police have determined that his motive was clear. He did not want to rake leaves anymore.

Have a nice day: