Hey, Its Only Halloween

This just in:

Avoid Univershity at all costs:

Wilfrid Laurier University is advising students against dressing up as ninjas, prisoners or hula dancers for Halloween – claiming that these costumes entail offensive appropriations.

I kid you not.

How about going as a professor? Scary thought.

Before picking a costume, students should ask themselves if their costume “makes fun of human traits, identities, cultures, or races [or] represents an identity that isn’t their own… reduces culture, gender, or religion to stereotypes.”

The post also provides an exhaustive list of costumes that students should avoid. This includes costumes of Indigenous peoples or those that make fun of sexual and gendered violence as well as those that depict transgender people. 

Students must also not dress up as ninjas, prison inmates, mentally ill persons in psychiatric facilities, hula dancers or as homeless people. 

Well, that just about covers everything and everyone, don’t ya think.

This just in:

Australia Warns Ferries about EVs

Electric car crashed and burst into flames - YouTube

So, if you’re a ferry, don’t buy one.

And speaking of Justin:

Justin Trudeau has appointed a former Liberal MP to be one of his independent, non-partisan senators.

Do they think we are stupid?

I guess so. Just look at that smirk on his face. He is thinking: Canadians, especially English Canadians, are soooo stupid.

And this:

Justin has just announced a Carbon Tax waiver for three years for all of Atlantic Canada provinces as 40% or more heat their homes there with oil (they still use home heating oil????). The rest of us in Canada be damned.

As we use natural gas, don’t ya know. And here’s to the rest of you stupid Canadians, especially in the west.

Continue to use natural gas.

Okay! Here’s to you.

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Or this.

Scientists Discover How to Neutralize Cow Farts; Your Farts Next, God Willing

That feels sooo good, the cow retorts.

We should use methane me thinks.

It is a weird but wonderful world out there.

Have fun and avoid Univershity at all costs. Learn a trade instead.

It’s a gas,gas, gas.

Have a nice day.

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