Out Of Touch With Reality

Biden and his staff are completely out of touch with reality:

On Wednesday, the White House announced a “National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia,” the necessity of which, is that Muslims endure a disproportionate number of “hate-fueled attacks and other discriminatory incidents.”

Wait a minute here:

Last year set a record in the US for anti-Jewish hate crimes, breaking the previous record that was set the year before. Since the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, antisemitism has erupted in our cities and on campuses, this time with the imprimatur and cooperation of the identitarian (sic) left.

Of course, not to be outdone by those dastardly Americans, Canada doubles down on fighting so called Islamophobia:

According to the CBC…“The evidence is clear. Islamophobia is an acute threat to Canadian Muslims and urgent action is needed,” Sen. Salma Ataullahjan, chair of the Senate human rights committee, told reporters Thursday.

“We must commit to building a more inclusive country and to better promoting our Muslim relatives and friends, neighbours and colleagues.”

But for Canadians of Jewish origin and heritage? Hmmm…not so much.

Canada, and the Liberal Prada CBC, are also a way out of touch with reality.

CBC’s top official is standing by the state broadcaster’s erroneous reporting on a Gaza hospital attack (by the IDF) that never happened.

“I will not apologize because our journalism is among the finest in the world,” CBC CEO Catherine Tait told Conservative MPs Thursday. “Our journalists operate in an independent fashion independent of management, independent of the board of directors and independent of government and political influence.”

Just a few weeks back reporters were directed by supervisory staff at CBC that they could not refer to HAMAS as terrorists! So there CBC. So much for independent reporting. She and the CBC, and the Liberal government, are way out of touch. They must think we are stupid.

This is what Canadians are paying $1.4 B dollars for.

Hey, maybe we are….stupid.


So, you are going to buy an EV huh? Shocking!

Electric Vehicle Charging Sparks Multiple House Fires - Climate Change Dispatch

Insurance rates on EVs and houses that store them are soaring. Soon to be uninsurable.

That’s okay, say our dear leaders. We will force them to insure them just like we will force Canadians to buy EVs or have no cars at all.

Those insurance rates, coupled with the cost of EV repairs, have made the expensive automobiles almost exclusively a luxury product.

“But…but, we don’t want EVs…”so say Canadian consumers. “We don’t care what you want plebes, you are going to get them whether you want them or not…” so says our Canadian Prime Minister.

What ever happened to accountability. Oh yeah, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled that there are no legal requirements for politicians to represent their constituents or adhere to their needs or wants.


In all my travels in Europe these past two months: Spain, Portugal, Crete and the Netherlands, I never saw a single EV. But here on Vancouver Island? Hundreds of Teslas and other models. You see them everyday. And it is you, dear plebe taxpayer who are subsidizing them.

Oh yeah, and not a single homeless person. The odd beggar yes, usually outside  of a church, but nothing compared to what we have here.

BTW, cities over there are light years ahead of us in just about every standard of living category.

Oh and BTW, BTW, bai – Canada is by far the woke-ist country on the planet.


Another poke at our freedoms.

BC will ban short term rentals. Homeowners will not be allowed to rent out rooms or basement suites on a short term basis.

Can’t cut down a tree even if it impinges on hydro lines or poses a fire hazard during dry spells.

Hey, ban all gas powered garden tools.

No more wood stoves.

No more natural gas in our home appliances.

No more propane.


Why can’t they just leave us alone.

But…but it is for the greater good.

Goodness me!

Freedom! Yesssss.

But not in Canada you say? Shitty (sic).

Our so called leaders are completely out of touch with reality. They have all drank the psychedelic kool-aid.



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