Have A Nice Day

The Lefties are going ballistic over this:

If only Canada would do something similar because under our current government(s) at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels we are slipping and sliding into third world status.

Get rid of the entitlements that some of our elite feel is their right. Expense accounts of $6,000.00 a month over and above their $300,000 annual salary. Or the $1,000,000 annual expense account of some of our past retired elitists. Or the billions spent of consultants annually, and on and on the waste goes.

Have a nice day – if you can afford it.


How Low Can We Go

Well there is this:

Kingston union warns teachers they can be disciplined for “right-wing” views, or saying “boys and girls”

And this:

Church Burnings Continue in Canada Long After ‘Residential School’ Horror Story Fizzled

ALBERTA, CANADA - JULY 01: A view of the Roman Catholic St. Jean Baptiste church destroyed

Canada’s National Post noted on Wednesday that church arsons “never stopped,” with at least six new church fires reported in the past two months, but the media gives them little coverage and rarely discusses the debunked reports of mass graves at a Christian boarding school for indigenous children that touched off a wave of church burnings in the spring of 2021.

Perhaps this:

Toronto: Pro-Hamas protesters target Mount Sinai Hospital.

Why? Because it is Jewish. Never mind it is a hospital and that many HAMAS and Palestinians are treated in Israeli Hospitals.

Maybe this:

Bankers verified Fake Chinese Income mortgages for banned money laundering suspects in Toronto: HSBC Leaks.

One Chinese woman bought 5 houses in the GTA without any record of mortgage compliance. And our current housing crisis and affordability is not the fault of government policy??

And this:

Canada’s CSIS admits to monitoring parental rights activists, compares them to neo-Nazis. Our Liberal government in action.

And furthermore:

Canada’s ‘Islamophobia czar’ defends antisemitic pro-Hamas rally at Mount Sinai hospital.

Does anyone in Canada remember Kristallnacht? Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Canada has a minister responsible for Islamophobia in Canada! Are they kidding me?

Nigeria: Muslims sack Christian villages, rename them, murder over 200 people in January alone.

Islam? The religion of peace?

Another 5 Christian churches have been set ablaze in Canada.

Or this. The Canadian grand deception and lie:

Louis Riel now recognized as first premier of Manitoba.

He was insane, a religious fanatic and had an Ontario man executed without due process. But that is ok because he was Metis.

Toronto changes name of Dundas Square because Lord Dundas was not fast enough in his abolitionist action to ban slavery everywhere in the then British Empire. The new name (??) honors the Ghana slave trade.

In summary:

And Liberals as well as all Progressives. Anything that could undermine our values and way of life is fair game.

Enjoy the silence:

Let’s get out of the UN before we lose  our sovereignty and our sense of our Canadian identity.