Climate: Big Time Deception

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Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) English (

It doesn’t matter anyway because Climate ideology is a religious cult. It has become the new Reformation of religious thought. It is a matter of faith to most climate zealots and believers. Science be damned.

There will be a reckoning though, led by the working masses, people such as you and me.



4 thoughts on “Climate: Big Time Deception”

  1. John, seriously now…are you saying that there is no such thing as climate change?

    Do you not think that we have to change our behaviours?

    1. no. climate change is real
      our climate has always changed. it is just that co2 is not the catalyst nor are humans. watch the video…if you can.

      1. John, I spent 80 minutes of my life watching the video and made many many notes that I will fact check. The thing for me that took away from …what..I guess the weight I should put in the video was the often goofy pictures etc etc…I don’t think they needed to do that and for me it took away the genuine of their point…I do intend to do a lot of fact checking…I also think at the end ( please note either the director or the producer is a Commie ) that they made some pretty absurd statements …there are things I agreed with too..BUT…of course the main assertion is that CO2 is not the is that that I plan on doing a lot of fact checking and their assertions about the ocean and world temperatures…it was an interesting video but I would suggest John the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle..

        1. Also watch Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans. Read up on Judith Curry, Canadians Patrick Moore and Ross Mcintrick. Have ya heard about the massive farmer’s protests in Europe? Probably not as their protests run counter to the climate narrative. btw the 1930s were the hottest years on record.

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