Libs: Out To Destroy Us.

Leftist Liberal policies

The top 5 reasons why you're broke

They’re out to destroy us:

A third of Canadians will be foreign-born by 2041 based on current immigration trends, says a Statistics Canada briefing note. Canadian-born residents would become a minority in Toronto, it said: “We have made a conscious decision to be an open country.”

White Anglos Saxons are already a minority in Toronto. That is the real definition of Trudough’s Post National State ideology.

They’re out to destroy us:

California Democrat Says Sexually Confused Kids Belong to the LGBT Community, Not Their Parents.

“…those kids belong to the LGBT community. He maintained that such persons who wish to maintain parental rights are “nasty people.”

They’re out to destroy us:

Canada wants to bring in 5,000 Gazan refugees, which demographically means 50,000 given most Gazans have up to 10 children, oh and don’t forget the extended family. Potentially, up to 50,000 terrorists as Gazans are HAMAS as HAMAS are Gazans.

Complain? Criticize? You are branded a racist or being Islamophobic. Trudough’s new anti hate bill could fine or imprison you for hate crime just for complaining about the government’s immigration policy. 

They’re out to destroy us:

Britain, is in its last days as a free society, and will soon become an Islamic state. Many still deny that it is happening at all. They may not even admit it when it overtakes them personally. The English actor-turned-political-activist Lawrence Fox recently noted what was happening: “The Mayor of London is a Muslim. The mayor of Birmingham is a Muslim. The Mayor of Leeds is Muslim. Mayor of Blackburn – Muslim. The mayor of Sheffield is a Muslim. The mayor of Oxford is a Muslim. The mayor of Luton is a Muslim. The mayor of Oldham is Muslim. The mayor of Rochdale is Muslim. All this was achieved by only 4 million Muslims out of 66 million people in England.”

It is happening in the USA and here. There is a real possibility that the USA and Canada could be sharia by 2050.

But there is hope:

The EU just had its parliamentary elections. Conservatives won handily over the EU’s progressive, left, liberal policies. MACRON just called a snap election for his country.

A conservative revolution has swept Europe lifting parties in France, Italy and Germany.

After months of eco-riots, the public firmly rejected green fascism and kicked them to the curb. The results were especially stunning in Germany and France, but political earthquakes also rocked Belgium and Austria, and despite every possible effort to stop Geert Wilders, the Netherlands continues to swing further toward sanity.

Hopefully in October 2025 Canada will regain its sanity…hopefully. If not Canada will probably follow the USA and become a:

Great Canadian band that never received the attention they deserved:



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