Happy Canada Day

“Canada Day”

Hip hip hooray it is Canada Day

In our home and our native land

Hip hip hooray it’s a day to be gay

From a government that says that we can

Hip hip hooray it is Canada’s Day

As our leaderless leaders would cry

Hip hip hooray it is Canada Day

Forget the graft, and the cheats and the lies

Hip hip hooray it is Canada Day

With righteousness the bureaucrats hide

Hip hip hooray it’s our national day

Let’s undermine our Veteran’s pride

Hip hip hooray, it’s the Canadian way

To lose sight of a national dream

Hip hip hooray on this Canada Day

To be mired in our regional screams

So sad to say on this Canada Day

To keep integrity and values at bay

So sad to say on this Canadian day

That my country is lost in its way.

Happy Canada Day…but:

According to our government, Canadians have to be diverse and inclusive.  In that vein we must:

Celebrate the homosexual lifestyle, even if only 2.3% of our country claim to be of that genre. Pride must be a permanent year long celebration and not just the month of June, you know;

Israel and Palestinians clash on Gaza border as Jerusalem Ramadan violence flaresCelebrate Ramadan as Islam is the religion of peace, so continue to burn down those Christian churches. It is understandable;

See the Best Photos of Diwali, The Festival of Light | Time

Celebrate Diwali, the festival of light, but celebrating Christmas is racist;

Toronto - Gardiner Expressway Tamil Protest - 2009 | Senses Lost

Celebrate the Sri Lanka culture, even as the Tamils shut down a major highway in Canada;

Pro-Palestine protests rally against McGill University and Legault - The Tribune

And don’t forget the River to The Sea protests at Univershities across Canada. Most protesters don’t know what River (Jordan) or what sea (Med);

Donald Trump inauguration: Anti-Trump protester's screaming performance goes viral | Daily Telegraph

After taking a knee, the next step is being spelled out for Justin Trudeau - The Globe and Mail

Celebrate Antifa, BLM and other Marxist organizations. Take a knee PM. We are so proud of you.

For this:

Photos: Portland protesters clash with police | CNN

A black drug addicted felon becomes an American folk hero and global icon. Result? Let’s celebrate:

FBI, federal prison riot teams deployed to George Floyd protests

Portland protesters create own 'autonomous zone' by pitching tents ...


Celebrate Greek liberation Day, the Portuguese, Italians, Koreans, Ukraine, (insert country here);


Celebrate Canada Day?

You must be a kidding or you are a

racist, homophobic, bigot, radical misogynistic, right wing extremist…

…and supporter of colonialism, our history and heritage and Judeo Christian values, a creed that built this country and whose citizens sacrificed much.

Yes I am, because the alternative is a nightmare.

How do we repay those who believed in a strong and free Canada?:

Two damaged queen statues at the Manitoba legislature to be rebuilt ...



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