Sad Lisa, Lisa

Given all the crappola out there surrounding COP 27 being held at Shame – el – Shellacking about the danger of livestock flatulance (methane) I thought this post was apropos.

Typical Victorian summer day.

See the source imageVictoria: City of Gardens


Mayor of Victoria, Lisa Helps, is not happy about fossil fuels. In fact Victoria hates fossil fuels. But they love to grovel in shyte (sic…ning)

Victoria dumps an average of 82 million litres of raw sewage daily into our world class coastal waters. (…) 

But Victoria’s shyte (sic…ning) doesn’t stink.

So Lisa, get off your butt and ban all cars in the city. Stop being the hypocrite that you and your council are.

See the source image

All of this reminds me of an earlier post of mine:

“Hey Jay, what’s a shakin today?”

“Well let’s see George. Quite a bit actually

“California is going to ban cow flatulence George”

“What’s flatulence Jay?”

“Cow farts George. They are going to ban cow farts in California to save the planet!”

“No kidding. You’re ribbing me Jay!”

“I can’t make this stuff up George. Next they’ll ban people from taking more than one breath a minute in order to reduce CO2 emissions. When that occurs you’ll be seeing a whole lot of people walking around LA with puffed out cheeks – both above and below the waist! Holding their breaths and holding their asses. It’s insane George but I’m really happy about this because I won’t have to listen to these Moonbats anymore. Especially the pompous ones lecturing me on how to live as they accept their awards then fly off to their holiday retreats.”

“Wow, something sure stinks in the state of California Jay”

“That’s Denmark George. Something smells in the state of Denmark.”

“It does? They banned cow farts there too Jay?”

“But the Moonbats in California defend their actions by saying that people laughed at Noah too. With his ark George”

“Can you imagine the stink on that ark George? But then again the methane probably kept the water levels at bay by keeping that ark afloat and warm. And when the flooding was almost over somebody, Noah perhaps, lit a torch when he went down into the hold on that ark to see and hear and smell what the fuss, racket and stink was all about. Then, like the burning bush, KA-BOOM, that ark went up in an catechismic explosion.”

See the source image

“Holy shit” Noah was heard to say, but in deference to his Lord, the supreme being. Author’s note. Noah saved as he is ejected from his arc!

“The Old Testament’s proverbial shit hit the fan-tail of that ark George.”

“Is that where the proverb Ship.High.In.Transit. comes from Jay? Noah’s ark?”

“Perhaps George but I don’t know for certain. Could be. But it’s probably why no one has found Noah’s ark today. The methane explosion ripped that ark into a gazillion pieces, spread all across the ancient world I would think.”

“Oh yeah, and forced childbirth is the single biggest cause of global warming. I kid you not George. Must be in the grunts and the groans and the flatulence from where those labour intensive green house gas emissions come from”

“Women are giving birth in a greenhouse these days Jay?”

“Arctic melting will cause severe flooding on the shores of Greenland George!”

“Eureka, George”

“You don’t smell all that well yourself Jay.”

No, no, no George. Eureka! Eureka. You know -as in Archimedes and his principal (sic…ning), Eureka. That an object will displace its own weight in water. Arctic ice, it floats, but when it melts the water level in the Arctic Ocean remains the same. But the Moonbats out there will not believe this law of physics and will state categorically and adamantly that Archimedes and his principals (sic…ning) are coming to you from Big Oil.

“Oh and one more thing George. Global Warming will wipe out breakfast cereals by 2070”

“That’s okay cause I like my cereal cold anyway Jay, so I’m not worried.”

“That’s the least of your worries George”

“Man, we are doomed!”

From the Oxymoronic File:

“Safe Injection Sites are springing up everywhere across Canada George.”

“Ban flatulence in cows, and in humans too, as it really is Natural Gas, isn’t it Jay?!”

“You bet George”

“200 protesters recently protesting the latest LNG proposition in B.C. then hopping into their SUVs, pickup trucks and cars for the drive home.”

“Protesters protesting a proposed new cell tower in the local countryside all the while talking on their cell phones to get more protesters out to protest the new cell tower’s construction.”

“One of the mysteries of life George: Why are there so many sick people in health food stores? Huh? Huh?”

“Dont (sic) know Jay.”

“Bit of trivia George. How many falls are there in Klamath Falls Oregon?How many? Huh, huh?”

“Dunno (sic) Jay. How many?” One set of falls perhaps?”

“Nope. None George. There are no falls in Klamath Falls Oregon.”

Quote of the week

…Militancy is great – for pacifists…


“Until next time George”

” By the way Jay, what is (sic…ning)?”

“Well just about everything these days George, everything.”

Lisa, Lisa…..Helps


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Carbon Tax

A Carbon tax was announced by our dear leader a few years ago in the Uncommon House of Commons. He made this announcement at the same time as environmental leaders were discussing environmental issues and carbon pricing initiatives down the road in Quebec with Canada’s Minister of the Environment. Was this a planned pre-emptive strike? Don’t know but something sure is rotten in the state of Denmark!

I cringed when B.C. brought in a Carbon Tax and I am cringing still with Trudeau’s Carbon taxing plan. It just tells me that these people have no clue with respect to basic chemistry. It is just another tax and money grab. 

Carbon © is an essential element of the Periodic Table (#6). I like to think of the Periodic Table as nature’s table or nature’s chemistry. Carbon forms the key component for all known life on earth so to tax Carbon is to tax all humanity for being, well, human. 

If it is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that our dear leaders are trying to control and capture then say so. CO2 is not C. But even CO2, which is comprised of one Carbon atom and two Oxygen Atoms, is an important compound element of nature’s chemistry table. It is found when we exhale, when we fart, shyte and just about everything else that we do. It is a byproduct for much of what occurs here on our planet, organically or mechanically. Carbon Dioxide is not an environmental polluting agent because it is not detrimental or poisonous to life (Biology Cabinet). Carbon dioxide cannot kill living cells by altering their structure or physiology in the same way, for example, as a snake venom will or certain MrNA. It can only suffocate an organism when Oxygen is not present at a sufficient concentration to sustain life. 

The difference between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide is one less oxygen atom in the molecule of carbon monoxide. This small difference renders carbon monoxide toxic and carbon dioxide vital. V..I..T..A..L! 

Did you know that talking to your plants is really, really good for your plants? Why? Because you are smothering them with concentrated CO2 as you breathe on them. And that is good for vegetation. It is a known fact.

I would hazard to guess that many of our politicians and their bureaucratic advisers are missing an atom or two as well. They’re policies are surely toxic.  And you know where this is headed?

On a side note even Arnie has gotten into the act.

‘Arnold Schwarzenegger orders gas chambers for some conservatives’ . He wants to strap their mouths to the tailpipe of his Hummer.’

Erm, that’s carbon monoxide Arnie  ‘Carbon dioxide, while a greenhouse gas, is not toxic and it is not noxious. It’s probably carbon monoxide that will be responsible for [tailpipe] genocide’

We, that is you and me, are next. We are doomed!


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This is from a previous post. I thought about it after listening to our PM’s speech to the UN about a month ago. From June 2019:

Note: replace all instances of “Climate Change” with “Covid 19.”

The fix is in.

Image result for pics of the canadian house of commons

Canada just passed a motion in the House of Ill Repute to say that a Climate Emergency exists in Canada. An emergency on par with World War 2. Are you kidding me??? Covid is an adjunct.

This is pure political propaganda and bull shyte. First there was global warming. When it appeared that the planet wasn’t warming as fast as the radicals projected the powers that be, i.e. the UN, changed their tune to Climate Change. All of the lefty bobble heads nodded in agreement. With Climate change the enviro – mentals could blame every single weather event on Climate Change. Snow storm – climate change. Cold winter – climate change. Warm winter – climate change. Forest fires – climate change. Floods – climate change. Hurricanes – climate change – Covid 19? Climate Change as Mother Earth is really pissed at us. Never mind our creator. He is irrelevant so say our leaders. We have to do something about it now. Even the Pope got into the act.

No response from a duped electorate to the issue of Climate Change. No problem. We now have a climate crisis or emergency. That should do it. In the Canadian House of Ill Repute:

“Canada declares a national climate emergency, and supports the country’s commitment to meeting the emissions targets outlined in the Paris Agreement.”

That should appease Gaia.

This is code to our government to destroy our economy and our way of life. Our energy sector, our resource sector is doomed. Canada will become a third world country – Venezuela comes to mind – just to satisfy the likes of our incredibly stupid leadership. Thankfully I will be dead by then.

Here are some facts:

The UN has never been interested in Global Warming, Climate Change and now Climate Emergency. Their stated aim in all of this is to create a global crisis such that they can implement a global solution. The climate is the crisis. So what is that solution you may ask? One world government run of course by the United Nations itself.

See the source image

We would have to give up all of our sovereignty and individual freedoms. We would be told what we can eat – plant based only – where we can live, work, play, read – everything. 1984 redux coming to a theatre near you. Thank God that the US will never agree to this. Switzerland as well. They have more on the ball then the rest of the planet;

Carbon is part of our life. Everything has a component of Carbon. Humans are made up of 18.3% Carbon. So if we are going to reduce our carbon footprint to save the planet the very first thing that should be done is to obliterate all humans. I think our leadership should demonstrate real leadership by leading by example and taking themselves out of the gene pool…immediately. Let them go first and we’ll follow suit…..nyuk, nyuk, nyuk;

See the source image

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a compound element necessary for all life on earth. CO2 greens the planet. Without it our very existence would be in question (or see para above). Plants absorb CO2 and expunge oxygen. Oxygen? You know, that gas that we breath to remain relevant. Levels of CO2 have been considerably higher in the past – pre industrial revolution – than they are now;

CO2 is not a poison or a pollutant – in spite of what our un-knowledgeable Environ – mental Minister and politicians may tell you. Perhaps she should try CO. That would do it;

The sun is the major driver of our climate, not CO2 or other greenhouse gases. During the last solar eclipse, September 2017, the temperature dropped considerably, when the sun was obscured;

Greenhouse gases enable our earth’s protective insulation. It allows us to be relatively comfortable on this planet. Eliminating greenhouse gases? Well you would not find this earth to be a very hospitable place to live. Then again read para above again;

David Suzuki is not a climatologist. Indeed, the majority of the so called 97% consensus is comprised of individuals who were anything and everything but climatologists. They are all UN hacks.

Every one of Al Gore’s predictions have fallen flat;

See the source image

Al Gore. This is the real Climate Change impresario;

Follow the money;

Good gawd, even the Pope is in on this fraud. Pope Francis. Stick to Catholic liturgy and stay out of politics. Hells bells for heavens sake;

Greta “whatever her name is:” claims that she can see CO2 – a colourless, odourless gas. That should be a clue people that something stinks in Denmark…er Sweden. My apologies to Shakespeare;

See the source image

I’ll be damned.

The world is not going to end in 2030. Remember 12-12-12. The Mayan doomsday date that the world would end on the 12th December 2012. Last time I checked it didn’t;

This is just another of a series of climate doomsday scare scenarios and predictions. If a prediction doesn’t come to pass. No problem. Come up with a new date. This is the UN’s methodology for achieving their objective for one world government;

The earth is not flat in spite of what non science people like Alexandra Occasionally Cortez But Generally Whacko would have us believe;

Prosperity exists today, more-so than any other time in history;

Western Civilization, Capitalism rocks. It is responsible for untold prosperity, innovation, technology, communication and increased life expectancy – in spite of what the enviro- mentals or the lefties may try to tell you;

The only winners in all of this are the politicians. All of this money, this manna from heaven, will fill their coffers and be redistributed into nefarious social programs that will fail. None of it will go into fighting the climate. Just look at Canada’s cannabis program. An unmitigated disaster. If they can’t grow weed correctly and distribute it effectively how on earth are they ever going to save the planet. They must have been stoned to have passed this climate change emergency measure. Smoke and mirrors but mainly smoke and sleight of hand;

We are the losers here. Our way of life, our quality of life is at stake, especially for the lower classes. Everything will become exorbitantly expensive. So much so that one day you will wake up realizing that you can no longer afford a car; or a holiday in or out of your own country; or the ability to heat your home; put food on the table, have children. Your health care will revert back to prehistoric standards; and you will not be able to use straws anymore. Shame. Social engineering brought to you by……;

You know, we were born into this way of life. Our parents fought and died for our liberties, our standard of living. A standard of living that will soon be taken away from us by the very people we elected to represent us, to protect our liberties and our socio-economic traditions. We are being punished for a way of life that has been imposed upon us from the very beginning by our esteemed leadership. Our crime is one of compliance…to them. We are, in essence, being punished for our leader’s mistakes. Our Prime Minister has now accused every single one of us Canadians of that most heinous human crime of all – GENOCIDE. And now our Enviro-mental Minister McKenna is saying that we have to be punished for our polluting ways.

Is there anybody out there who will stick up for Canada and all Canadians?;

These guys are so full of methane that they are shooting from both ends. Their cheeks, above and below their waistlines, are fraught with flatulence. You can see it in their faces and across their asses.

What can we do? I would say an election is a vehicle for dismembership in the House of Ill Repute but there are so many lefties out there that have bought into this bull shit that an election to rid ourselves of these self righteous left wing political nutbars is self defeating.

On a final note. Just think about it for a moment. We can change the climate. A carbon tax will do it. Are we that stupid? I guess we are.

I am thinking of moving. But where? Perhaps Fargo.

See the source imageClassic Dylan

Have a great day.



Summer In The City

The Fifteenth Hottest Third Tuesday In July Since Records Began (Last August)….wow.

I just had my third largest “dump” in all of my history on this planet

I see CO2……..really. That invisible odourless gas Greta?


I see dead people too.

See the source image

So do I. Every time I see some guy or gal tell me the earth will end in 11 years if we do not address climate change…NOW!

Well, It’s that time of year again — summer — when the weather/climate charlatans try to scare us into believing that because we are having the annual heat wave, global warming is real and the world will surely end by next summer (by which time you’ll have forgotten last summer).

I love this. Paris heat wave is proof positive that global warming climate change is real. Paris is a heat sink, a heat island. As is Toronto, Chicago, Tacoma, Atlanta, LA. they say that temps hit 40 for the first time in years. Well, wait a minute. I did a pilgrimage last summer from Vezelay France to St Jean Pied de Port – 900 kilometers in total over 45 days. On August 3rd 2018, in a small town called Premerly the temps hits 44 degrees. So there.

AOC wants to ban all jetliners with her Green New Deal. Yeah, that should work.

AOC’s favourite tune.

Oh and the temps hit 42 degrees yesterday in Toronto. Wow. On further inspection, 42 was the humidex temp. What it felt like because T.O is located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, one of the 5 great lakes, a relatively large body of water. Of course humidity, due to water vapour not CO2, will be high. The actual temperature in T.O was 29 Celsius.

Yes, it is hot Virginia. It is summer. It is supposed to be hot. We have heat waves. Hot air incoming, not from Ottawa, but from weather patterns from the gulf of Mexico. If it was cool, you would have everyone complaining about the shitty summer. And in the winter, we have………..oooooo……………wait for it………….The Polar Vortex. My legs are shaking. No Virginia. It is winter. It is supposed to be cold. But now -10 is the new -30 due to the wind chill. Climate Change.

Love this headline:

Democracy Must be Suspended to Fight Climate Change. In Canada we have an elected dictatorship, so we’re already there Virginia. And as there is no debate on this I feel Democracy in this country has already been flushed down the heat sink.

How can anyone believe this shyte:


I don’t know what or who is scarier. Her or that picture.

Bill Nigh?;

Beware of false prophets.

You just wait. This 16 year old girl from Sweden will win the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. Laughing stock. This pic is an insult to Dante’s Divine Comedy. It is no laughing matter though. Indoctrination…you bet. No wonder climate suicides are on the rise. Blasphemous.

I do not know about you but I love summer. I love sitting out back with a cool one enjoying the sweltering heat, especially when a cool breeze pops up out of nowhere. Heaven. I remember my parents sitting in their cool basement back in the summer of the 1950s / 60s sucking back a Pilsner, while dragging away on their Buckinghams, or Camels. It was a summer heat wave. Love it.

To all of those guys out there:


You have two choices in life:
You can stay single and be miserable,
or get married and wish you were dead.

Another great song from the 60s:Monday…and don’t believe this shyte.

Or this. Remember?





It’s Alive, It’s Alive

I don’t know about you but I am getting sick and tired with all of this climate scare tactics and fear mongering. It seems that every second article in the newspaper today is about climate change of some sorts.

Climate change may be happening but we are not the cause of it. It is a natural phenomenon. Last week, while I was in Toronto, which is situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario, everyone was talking about the water levels of the Great Lakes. The levels are very high such that the Toronto Islands are flooding. Climate change in action. Yet a couple of years ago the levels were very low.

Heck, I can remember during my youth when water levels were up and down on Georgian Bay, which is part of Lake Huron. It happens and is highly dependent on the winter’s snow pack, spring melting and spring rains. It is not caused by climate change. However, our government, in their quest to scare the shit out of us, especially our gullible youth, and to convince us that climate change is real and therefore a threat to our very existence such that they can tax us to death. A new and very lucrative money stream. And our politicians of every stripe and colour are in on the scam.

Consider this: in 1989 the UN told the world that the Maldives would be underwater by 01 January 2019. Thirty years later?

See the source imageThe Maldives today.

The UN also stated in 1989 that the world had 30 years to address climate change or there would not be a world today. Hasn’t happened.

But now they tell us that if we do not act NOW, that the world will end in 2030. I think Al Gore and other non scientific mindless minds have stated such for 2011, 2013, 2019 and now 2030. And people believe this shyte. I mean how can anybody believe in whatever Alexandra Occasionally Cortez but Generally Whacko says. This from a US congress  woman who believes that the world is flat – and she has a huge cohort that agrees with her. Last time I checked:

See the source image              Do you notice the curvature on the horizon?

Oh, I know, photo shopped, fake…..Geesh.

Coming from a lab near you.

See the source imageIt’s alive, it’s alive

Beyond meat > is beyond belief. Meat grown in a lab. Are you kidding me?

Super processed food yet the young people are devouring this stuff. Those same young people who shun processed foods. Sorry to tell you all but this is super-processed “food”. Same with plant based burgers.

See the source image

Mmm. Yummy Igor. Try this new cheeseburger. It is to die for.

Oxymoron of the week? Plant based sausages. Outlets should be sued for false advertising.

Geesh. I’ll take KD any day. I mean if you are going to eat plastic this is the way to go.

See the source imageI hear that in Canada, plastic straws are going to be replaced by this stuff.

Eat drink and be scary.

Canadian electioneering has begun for our elections in October – at the Federal level. Polls predicting Trudeau will probably win but with a coalition of the left – Greens and NDP (Dippers):

See the source imageSee the source image


Scary thought. We are screwed. See, even she agrees with me:

See the source imageThe NDP’s new Chief of Staff

Thar she blows: Climate change in action

See the source imageMauna Loa erection…er eruption. World’s largest Volcano – about to erupt!

Just wait for the UN to somehow make this a climate change action statement: “Give us your money and we will ensure volcanos never happen again.” Unfortunately many people will believe this shyte. Even Greta: “I see CO2” Thumbs Up will get in on the act. Perhaps the Pope as well.

This just in:

Geoff Molson, Marc Bergevin standing next to a person in a suit and tie: Canadiens owner/president Geoff Molson (left) and general manager Marc Bergevin take a break during second day of NHL Draft in Vancouver on June 22, 2019.

The Carolina Hurricanes believe that the Canadiens and GM Marc Bergevin got sold a bill of goods by Gerry Johannson, the agent for centre Sebastian Aho.

Guys, I really think that the name “Aho,” pronounced Ay-Ho, short in the hockey lexicon for Ass-Hole may have been a red flag here, don’t ya think

Get outside and don’t believe the shyte or the hype. Then you will see that every day is the best day ever.

Never fear. If it gets really bad this guy will come and rescue us from the United Nations. My hero

See the source image

According to the United Nations, we no longer live in the Cenozonic Era and the Holocene Epoch but live in the Armageddon Era and Eeee Gads Epoch.

Thanks for you thoughts on my brother Kevin.


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