Happy 4th of July

Happy fourth of July to all of my American friends. The greatest country in the world. Defender of our peace.

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America and Americans really know how to do things right.

Without America the light of our world would surely diminish. God bless you.

Through two world wars, your valour and your sacrifice have not gone unnoticed. We do appreciate you.

Sad and tragic but the Union stood firm and came through…stronger and free.

And finally:

Beautiful land, beautiful people, beautiful spirit.

America? Thank you for being there.

Have a great 4th of July.






Damn, late again. Busy last night, so stayed at a friend’s place. Normally I try to get these posts out by 8 am, Monday to Friday. No posts on the weekend. I am normally up at 6 am. Yes 6 am. For those of us old farts who remember the good ole days of sleepin in till 12 or 1 o’clock, well those days are long gone. the toilet always beckons.

I couldn’t sleep in past 6 am even if I tried. And, when you get to our age you no longer need an alarm clock. The bladder does that very well for us, thank you very much.

Oops, gotta take a pee before I can start this today.

Driving home I listened to KISS FM out of Bellingham Washington, USA. They have a segment called the Knucklehead Awards. The winner today was somewhat interesting. Along the lines of Mr Kraft. Y’know that Boston rich guy who got caught up in a brothel sting but denied any wrong doing saying he was only recruiting for the New England Patriots Cheerleading squad.

See the source imageYeah right Mr Kraft. And I have a Heinz pickle for you too.

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Speaking of being in a pickle, the mayor of Sandwich Illinois got himself into a real pickle yesterday. Seems Mr Dick Jones (I can’t make this up), the Lord Mayor of Sandwich Illinois, got himself caught up in a prostitution sting with three prostitutes. A foursome. That was some sandwich Dick. Three prostitutes? Must have been a clubhouse. It sure as hell wasn’t a Kraft grilled cheeze sandwich that’s for sure. Oh, Dick, he won today’s Knucklehead Award.

A poll that the CBC will never report on nor will the Liberals ever accept. This, in light of the government’s latest announcement of a climate crisis in Canada:

Are you more or less in favour of the federal carbon tax than you were when it was first introduced?

149 (11 %)
921 (68 %)
Opinion has stayed the same
286 (21 %)

Total number of votes: 1356

The only crisis in Canada right now is one of confidence. Confidence in our leadership, especially at the Federal level and this Liberal Government under Justin Trudeau.

It is an old trick. The UN has been using it for years. Create a crisis – in this case the climate – then propose the solution. In the UN’s case the solution is for “One World Government,” under the UN of course, while for Canada it is for higher taxes and more revenue streams. If you think a 4 cents a litre tax is going to solve the so called climate crisis, then there is a ex planet waiting for you to inhabit: Pluto:

See the source imageNot that Pluto, this one:See the source imageSpeaking of leadership, the entire House of Commons unanimously apologized for the injustice that Admiral Normal had to endure – falsely as it turner out. I say unanimously and it was except for 2 absentees: Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his Defence Minister. Rajit Say-It Again-Sam. October cannot come soon enough.

Identity politics gone amuk. Political correctness madness. The latest? In BC of course. The removal of the statue of colonial judge, Matthew Baillie Begbie for his role in enforcing the Rule of Law with the hangin in 1866 of 6 Indigenous Chiefs – who were found guilty of their crime.

That being the case I would now expect the removal of all instances of remembrance and commemoration of the following:

Sir James Douglas – founder of Victoria and Begbie’s boss. An avowed racist by today’s standards;

Captain James Cook – statue on the causeway. That bastard of British imperialism and colonialism

Finlayson – he once fired a cannon into a Songhees Village in Esquimalt, where the Delta Pacific, Ocean Point Resort Hotel now stands;

John Helmcken – who accompanied Begbie to the Indian trial and is as culpable as he was with those hangings;

Jesper Pemberton – Racist

Blanshard – that British rogue and symbol of those dastardly colonial Brits under Queen Victoria.

John Todd,

Bishop Cridge; and

Reverend Staines

All racists!

Oh, and they might as well change the name of the City of Victoria to one that reflects that city’s true roots – Camosun.

If the Victoria Council and the Provincial Government allow Begbie’s statue to come down, and they do not address the commemoration of these other racist pioneers – in street, place names and statues- then they are hypocrites of the highest order. You cannot pick and choose your racists.

Here is something the Greens would never admit to:

She is nuts but the video is very progressive and interestingly positive about our energy future.

Yes we are:

have a great Navy day.



Brothers in Arms

Doris Day passed away yesterday.

Slide 1 of 14: Doris Day was born on April 3, 1922 in Cincinnati, Ohio as Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff. She looks pretty good for 97!                        Just kidding. America’s sweetheart. All us Boomers grew up with her. And Rock Hudson.

Weird Headlines but all true. Italics are mine.

Journalism is Dead – Long Live the Media…say what?

Diversity and the Welfare State – they go hand out hand don’t they?

I see dead people…and CO2

No way Greta…I do…I was first…so there. 

So shut down our economy EU….er Mommy? What’s an economy? Dead people?…you could say that honey.

China’s Latest Crackdown Target are Liberal Economists…you know dead people?

CNN wonders if Trumps July 4th speech will call for violence…against CNN.

Conservative Paul Joseph Watson is banned from Facebook…that beacon of free speech and liberty. Good riddance…er Facebook, not Watson.

Experv…er expert Psychologist Blocked on Twitter for Expressing Clinical Opinion on Transgenderism. LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ community is all in a twitter and a tizzy over this one. Truth hurts you know. 

Conservative Student Expelled from Berkeley for Using Hate Phrase “I Disagree.” Liberal student welcomed with open arms for his counterpunch: “I agree.” Ooo, the state of our Univershities today.

Whatever Happened To Obamacare?…who cares?

Schiff: Biden Ukraine Scandal Should Be Off Limits…those cabbage rolls were nasty!

“If I Had The Fire-Power” To Ban Guns “I Would”…

AOC: Don’t Let Rich Capitalists Deny You A Living Wage Or That $7.95 Iced Coffee. Capitalist bastards. They should have added a “joint” to that latte. Capitalist oppression!

Administration to Crack Down on Illegals in Public Housing – Only Families where ALL MEMBERS of the family are illegal will Qualify.

Trump doesn’t understand economics. Democrats do. They love “trickle up” economics where all of your hard earned money ends “up” in their pockets.

Following Venezuela’s lead, Cuba launches widespread rationing in face of crisis. Where Canada may be going as well. Especially with those fossil fools.

A little Mongo humour, an interlude from these whacko headlines.


Speaking of Cuba, and Venezuela:

“Given that the anthropogenic climate change and resource footprint accusations against livestock agriculture do not hold water, what’s really behind the plant-based diet agenda?
Well, the empirical evidence suggests it is the advancement of plant-based diets for all.
Indeed, the plant-based and alternative protein movement is about more than industry disruption. It’s an ideology, one hell-bent on replacing traditional food with a utopian “food” solution – it’s political as much as it is commercial…and the U.N is behind this. Time to get our of this organization.

Guess who’s coming to dinner…and…Where’s the beef?

Only in Canada….shitty:

Liberal government of Canada recognizes Canada’s European liberation contribution during the 2nd World War… May 8 VE Day.

Check out those Canadian uniforms. Although given our government’s support of our military and their handling of the Admiral Norman affair, it comes as no surprise to me. Embarrassing.

October cannot come soon enough.

Have a great day.




An excerpt from “Kurofune: The Black Ships.” Click on the link above for more information about this story. You can get it through Amazon or through Munro Books in Victoria, BC.

An excerpt from my book Kurofune: The Black Ships. You can get it on Amazon or from Munro’s Books in Victoria:

It was a long way from Bremerton, Ted thought, while transiting the channel into the outer reaches of Tarawa Lagoon in the Higgin’s Boat toward the departure and marshaling area. Looking at the other Marines, Ted couldn’t help but be amazed at how far he and the others had come in just a few months. How their worlds had changed. From the relative peaceful backwater of the Puget Sound, to the Marine Corp Recruiting Depot, San Diego, for Boot Camp; followed by Corp training at Camp Pendleton, additional amphibious Operational training in Hawaii, then reassignment to the 2nd Division. Finally, embarkation in USS President Jackson, a Troop Transport, and subsequent arrival in Wellington New Zealand to prepare for future operations with the 2nd Marine Division. Ted remained a regular infantryman of the 1st Battalion, 2nd regiment; Lou specialized in communications as a TBY radio operator and Jonathon qualified as a marksman / sniper. Jonathon had his own tailored Browning automatic that he held and coddled like a baby. The rest of them had the standard issue M1 8 round Automatic Rifle, a Marine’s best friend.

“Who is the King of glory? Why now Jeremiah is, of course” Jonathon would taunt, rubbing the stock of his carbine as gently as if it was a baby’s bottom!

“The LORD is strong and mighty! With Jeremiah? Of course he is!” He continued.

And as a last thought:

“The LORD will be mighty in battle, Lord Praise Jeremiah” Jonathon would mutter as he cleaned his “Jeremiah,” as he affectionately called his carbine.

“Whoa,” was about all Lou could say, shaking his head. “Heaven help us”

The swells and the sea were playing havoc on the Marine’s sense and sensibilities throwing them around the boat like loose corks left in the water during a storm. Just about everyone was retching now, except the Reverend. The noise form the bombardment was ear shattering. The earth seemed to open up disemboweling hell’s wrath onto the small landing craft. As they got closer and closer to the departure point the concussions from the shells of the big guns became more and more pronounced and intense. Small bursts of small arms fire could now be heard in between the thud, thud, thump impacts of the 14 inch shells on the island. Some of the men in the boat began crying, calling on their own God, or reaching out for their mothers who were never there. The Squad Leader did his best to address their fears. Fears yes but they had yet to come into the maximum effective rage and death envelope of the island’s defenders.

“You’re Marines men, steady. Steady. Remember your training. We’ll get through this”

Ted was silent. He just stood there observing what was going on. He felt a nervous twitch and strong pull deep down in his gut but for the most part he was not as afraid as he thought he’d be. For a brief moment the Squad Commander and Ted’s eyes met and locked. Ted could see the anxiety and concern on his superior’s face but at the same time acknowledged his calmness and forth righteousness among the chaos and the men around him. Cool under pressure. Ted wondered how he was going to react. His thoughts came back to that last discussion with Father Doherty as he looked around the interior of his Higgins Boat at the other Marines.

“I can’t answer that Ted. I can only say that He has some sort of plan for all of us. What that is I can’t really say. Some will die, yes, a given, a fact of war, while others will come through all of this unscathed, for some other purpose perhaps, for another day. You just have to trust in God that he knows what is best for you – be it death in defending your country, saving a fellow marine, defending your homeland, freedom, or life for some other purpose that may or may not be so clear to any of us until left in the wake of this war.”

Can I do this? He thought. He quickly put those thoughts to rest. Ted gave his Squad leader a short two finger salute as an acknowledgement that he respected him and that he had his back if need be.

All at once the small arms fire got a bit louder and more intense. At the same time the shore bombardment ceased. It was 0900. There was stillness in the air that was surreal given the intensity of the chaos of the last three hours. All that could be heard is the odd short rat a tat tat sound of light machine gun fire coming from the area of the beach. The odd ricochet or whizzing, whirling sound of stray or random bullets could also be heard.

The Few, The Proud

Have a great day.


Tumerically Latte

Could I just have a cheeseburger please (my comments are in bold):

A feminist-owned and operated cafe that made headlines around the world after introducing an 18% “man tax” on male customers will be closing its doors at the end of the month. “Handsome Her,” oxymoronically speaking, a vegan establishment located in Melbourne, Australia, will be going out of business on April 28, according to an announcement on its website.

It turns out that “brazen public discussions of structural inequality and oppression,” rules about women having “priority seating,” and serving turmeric lattes (what the f%$K) with macadamia milk (nuts!) isn’t in fact the basis of a thriving business. Even in Brunswick, Melbourne. However, the empowered proprietors insist that the mockery aimed at their pricing policy merely “showed us how fragile masculinity is (really?) and solidified the necessity for us to confront and dismantle patriarchy.” Naw we just want a hamburger.

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“Toxic masculinity is the root cause of our bankruptcy” said one of the disgruntled feminist owners. “Tuesday came and those toxic masculine bastards didn’t pay.”

No, perhaps your latte, tumerically speaking of course, may have played some part in the cat-laughery of your demise, tumerically speaking of course.

I am sure glad I got my wiener roast in last weekend:

New York City to ban hot dogs and all processed meats. I kid you not.

Soon to be coming to a Canada near you. Oh and those Frikandel Speciales from the Netherlands will soon be a done deal. Woe is me. All of this to fight climate change. The mayor of New York claims we have to do this by 2030 or else. Or else what? A Tofu Burger / Dog? Let me off the planet now cause I will not be able to live with these idiots we have for leaders for very much longer. They are all nutty fruitcakes and it ain’t even Christmas yet.

What are these guys going to do?

See the source imageHow about banning Bill De Blasio, NYC Mayor.

Pass the mustard. Next? Ban fun!

Speaking of wieners:

For the last several years California legislators have been ramping up their efforts to legally obliterate male and female definitions by disconnecting the legal link between biology and a person’s sex or gender. 
The author of all of this, LGBT Cockus (sic) Chair Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), says the bill is necessary to protect transgender identified people from “physical assaults” and to preserve their “basic dignity,” and “respect.” But Wiener doesn’t seem to care about the privacy and dignity concerns of real, biological women, who would have to share personal, intimate living space with any male inmate claiming to be a woman.

Doing anything else will make this bill wiener-less, Scott Wiener announced. Bill nodded in agreement and invited Scott to New York City, which will soon become a wiener sanctuary city.

Anthony Weiner, the disgraced wiener, er Governor, of New York State mumbled in agreement. “Pass the mustard” he was heard to say.

Take my mayor…..please and please, please bring back the 60s.

Up next? Ban baseball. Real synergy!

Canadian Currency: first came the Loonie from our loonie toon leaders. Then came the Toonie from our tooney loon leaders.  And now comes the all inclusive, not to be outdone LGBTQURSTWXYZ:


Of course it will be tail-less.  Heads only and that’s the way they like it. Heads UP!

Identity politics gone amuk here in Canada. Hey, I want a heterosexual coin. How about a Threenie?

The New York Yankees Major League Baseball franchise took Kate Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America” off its seventh-inning stretch playlist when its managers learned of the singer’s “history” of racism.

However, if you dig a little deeper, the racist actions of Kate Smith can’t hold a candle to the racist past of Major League Baseball — including the N.Y. Yankees.  In fact, MLB teams refused to hire qualified black players for decades, and well into the 20th century.  If your past actions affect how you’re viewed by today’s standards, as the N.Y. Yankees deem the case to be with Kate Smith, this makes MLB one of the most racist organizations still active in America today.

So, lets abolish major league baseball and the New York Yankees for sure. At the very least it would help alleviate those nasty hot dogs that proliferate at these racist games and are a main contributor to climate change.

See, my articles are somewhat synergistic at times.

Seems appropriate. Kate Smith’s God Bless America. While in the thick of it during World War ll – 1943.

Have a nice day.

God bless America and Hot Dogs.

I know, I know. There is no diversity in that video, so America is a racist, shitty, backroad of a country and just a footnote in history! Thank god for that shitty, racist shithole of a country during WW 2 – Pacific and Europe.

Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday.