Sub Prime Car Loans: next major financial crisis thingy. Read the small print people! 25% annual interest rate – are you kidding me? – little down and end up paying double for what the car is worth. Double down folks, not up for heaven’s sake.

Guy is pilloried for criticizing Islam and banned from speaking at Berkley. He is an equal opportunity speaker in that his diatribes on religious zealots include all religions, particularly Christianity.

“Being all inclusive that we are we’ll let you slam Christianity but not Islam” one of the organizers was heard to say…..Geesh

Trudeau is changing the Canadian Citizen guide to make it more Sharia compliant. This on the heels of the refugee who beat his wife with a hockey stick…eh? Pure Canadian eh? “Well, at least it was a hockey stick” said one immigration official by the name of “Rocket,” who cited anonymity. Added to that “We will change the guide immediately to tell new Canadians from Muslim or other countries who honour honour killings that the preferred weapon of choice here in Canada would be a “Victoriaville” due to its shaped blade and shaft flexibility. It bends back after that slap shot.”

Government gouging vacationers with onerous taxes every step  of the way. Solution? Stay at home where you can smoke that cigar, have that beer, chase your woman, eat what you want, sleep for free, sleep in, no road hassles, walk around naked, fart, belch, scratch your ass, wobble your nuts, watch sports…do whatever. Of course, having the wife around may put a damper to that vacation fantasy.

Teslas and Other EVs equate to major government subsidies, which equate to increased taxation which equates to….SCREW YOU! See home vacation above.

When the carbon tax boondoggle runs its course and the government can squeeze no more taxes from your wallet, I believe that they will have to come up with another tax stream. You know humans are comprised of about 11 necessary elements for human life. Carbon accounts for 18.5 % of that. And, every time we exhale, we put more Co2 into the air. Now, unlike the current batch of climate doomsayers, I am not a believer that CO2 is a poison. I took Chemistry and Climatology (not my major) at University and know just how essential carbon is for our personal existence and CO2 for all life on earth, including the greening of our planet. So, mark my words the next huge tax grab will be a tax on our very existence. You want to live….PAY UP! Government extortion. But when they do it, it is not a crime.

Not Holding my Breath… | Backyard Missionary

How long can you hold your breath?

Word has it in California that the Moonbats there are passing regulations that will impede a persons ability to exhale. I’m told that people will have to hold their breaths for a minute at a time to reduce CO2 levels.. Of course nobody thought about the unintended consequences here. Holding one’s breath causes a human’s internal gasses to find the path of least resistance – in this case – right down though the oesophagus, the stomach, large and small intestine, colon and rectal areas. In other words flatulent assholes! “Gall darnit” some Californian flatulent asshole was heard to say, as he plugged his nose “We’ll have clean air even if it kills us.”………Geesh!

The New Republic states that climate change is killing us now. They cite heat waves (nothing new here) are increasing as temperatures climb (says who?). It has always been hot in the middle east. Cities such as Chicago, New York are heat sinks due to their high densities. 1934 was the hottest year on record (Look it up). The 8 – 10 year dust bowl drought occurred in the 1930s. It is all fear mongering by the UN, an organization that wants $1 Trillion dollars a year from western nations to fight this scourge. All of the UN dictators, well over half its members, nod in agreement as their mouths salivate with their new found wealth – potentially.

“It’ll be a foot in cold water before I will give anymore money to the UN.” So says Satan.

“Erm Lucy ole buddy that’s “It’ll be a cold day in hell before I give any more money.”

“Yeah write, you are.”

Solution? Stop having children India, Pakistan, China and other Muslim countries. Canada and the US – Get the hell out of the UN – now!

A little unknown song by a Canadian band that came out in 1972. A great year for music:


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The End!

Can’t wait! Only 98 days until the Maldives disappear under water. Remember this: The UN predicted back in 1988 that if we do not do anything right NOW, as in contribute $100 Trillion to third world “tin pot” dictatorships, that the Maldives would be under water in 30 years. That’s right, by January 1st 2018. Funny that we do not hear too much about this anymore.

Image result for Pics of maldives

The Maldives today. But hey, with the UN in charge of things, one just never knows. All of the “tin pot” dictators nodded in agreement.


Image result for pics or end of days

Sure looks like the coast of Oregon to me.

Meade and the end of the world update. All religions do not endorse this guy, except of course Holly’s Woody in the Morning elite.

25: There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars….Sounds like a hit song to me….On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea… At having to listen to another Bieber song!… People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken…’ Another Hulk movie by Buffalo (sic)

“’26: Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken…’ but not stirred!

Tuesday’s date, Nov 3 2020 was pinpointed using codes from the Bible, as well as a “date marker” in the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Added to that was their magic marker and a direct relationship with the Mayan pyramids, Caligula’s obelisk at the Vatican, not to mention Washington’s monument in DC.  We’re doomed!

This just in from the Pope: “Meade’s views are not endorsed by Roman Catholic, Protestant or eastern Orthodox church. No we’re all behind Climate Change as the cause to our end of days predictions. So there! I mean you can only have so many doomsday prophecies.” BTW didn’t Saint Malakai predict only one more Pope and then we’re all doomed?
Image result for Pics of bill nye
Hey, even this guy got into the act!
“The End is Nigh,” says Bill Nye the Science Guy!


From the “This is Weird” file: Some dude, and I use that word loosely, has spent over $600K having plastic surgery jobs to look like Ken from “Ken and Barbie.” But, when he gets older, – I wouldn’t bet on that too much dude –  when he reaches his late 50s he wants to undergo a sex change so as to look like Barbie. “I would rather look like a sexy old lady than a saggy old man.” Alves admitted to the Daily Mail.

Boy oh boy Alves, you are in for one big surprise concerning old age gender sagginess. Boobs just don’t cut it after 40.

On another note, Pixee Fox had her ribs removed so as to look like a cartoon character…geesh. Now how about going with only 4 fingers and toes dudess! Author’s note: Her pic is so gross I won’t show it. Google her if you want to but I don’t recommend it.

Other stuff on a Friday:

Rick Mercer Report going off the air. Finally. Now I don’t have a problem with Rick Mercer per se but his “Talking to Americans” segment turned me right off his “not funny” show. It really demonstrated to me just how smug and holier than thou the elite, or left wing Canadians think they are. “I hate smugness.” There Rick, that’s my rant. Good luck to you.

Lady Gaga is going to use her real name. Oh, like Rhianna Banana. Can’t wait until it is revealed. Counting the days, hours and minutes. Changing her stage name for marriage perhaps to……”Poker Face.”

Nice thing about athletes protesting the NFL supporting BLM and refusing to honour or respect their national anthem. My response: Great. I don’t have to respect them. I can turn the channel, which I have. I also no longer watch any award shows nor do I purchase any sport memorabilia…so there!…..Geesh.





Read ya again Monday. I take weekends off from this blog.


The Rest of the World

From an earlier post:

I see the Goracle has a new climate catastrophe documentary coming out called “The Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” or something profound like that. This from a guy who had a net worth of about $1-2 M when he left office. He is now to become the first green Billionaire. That is a lot of hot aire.

If truth be told guys like the Goracle are becoming more and more like those “False Prophets” the Bible keeps warning us about. I’m not a religious person per se but I think the Bible has it right this time. False prophecies. After all, every one of the Goracle’s predictions have fallen flat…false, like my teeth. They look good on the surface but could fall out at any minute.

Remember, according to the UN and others, the earth is going to end in 2030 – unless we pony up trillions of dollars to the UN – right now. All of those tin pot dictators, which make up almost a 2 thirds of the UN membership are salivating right now. I think the Anti-Christ is in there somehow. The UN’s zip code has been changed to 666.

Sad day in Tillsonburg Ontario as Seimens closes plant that makes wind turbine blades. 300 lost jobs. Apparently not green enough. Well, they are silver in colour after all. Heard in passing. “Think I’m going to go really green and go back to mother earth and grow tobacco, or weed man.”

Bat population in Southern Ontario applauds announcement!

Young men prefer playing games to working…Duh?

California: Golden State is now a Basket Case. Environ-mental policies are destroying the place. Too bad. Goracle’s new documentary, starring Steven Hawkings, will probably premiere there in “Holly-woody in the Morning” or maybe on Venus, and I’ll bet dollars to gonads that he wins the Academy Award for best documentary at this year’s Oscars, the accompanying song wins for best song and he again wins the Nobel Peace prize. Any bets? Any takers here?

Further to my Beyoncé tidbit the other day. Holly-woody in the morning and the country’s Muzak business are all a flutter about Beyoncé’s announcement of the names that she and her hubby gave to their twins: “Rumi and Sir.” While the rest of the known world:


Canada’s first ministers conference to discuss how they are going to standardize legal marijuana across the country. I don’t know about you but “BC Bud” is probably the standard already. Then again just reefer the issue to the Canadian Standards Association. If they can provide the standards for “Jerking Off” (I kid you not) then surely they can come up with a standard for getting high while doing this.

Premiers were all in a tizzy about this suggestion. Apparently not really high on their agenda though. Next up? The Opioid Crisis!

Again, I can’t make this stuff up………SJ out.


It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World Out There

Sorry, late today – host server was down.

The world is going crazy, especially here in Canada. I thought I would just throw a few out there:

Canada declares a Climate Emergency then approves, the very next day, for the expansion of a major oil pipeline????!!!!????

In response a call to arms announced to every single young protester and anarchist out there to descend on Canada’s Burnaby Mountain immediately.

Consider this from that ANTIFA, BLM crowd of nice people:

  • White pumpkin lattes considered white privilege;
  • On a related note a Belgium farmer grows the world’s largest gourd – er a pumpkin, and it’s white. Man, that’s a whole lot of lattes;
  • Hurricane (insert name here) is a result of climate change. Anyone remember Galveston hurricane of 1900? The US’ deadliest and costliest hurricane on record. Yes Virginia, far worse than Katrina;
  • According to Gore and Obama, sea level has risen 1 foot off the southeast coast of the US. Funny that, but it hasn’t risen here! Yeah, but this is the NW coast. Oh I forgot;
  • This just in from the “World is Flat – Alexandra Occasionally Cortez But Generally Whacko” crowd:

Science is dead at a Capetown University. Science does not support black magic and witch’s brew, witch is a fact of life’s reality here in South Africa in that one witch can throw a lightening strike at another witch.  Witch one you may ask? Don’t know but since science cannot support this reality or explain this phenomenon, science must be wrong or irrelevant.

“Many people laughed at this remark because, well, witchcraft is not something that happens. But according to the students, witchcraft is like Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity—it’s just one way of explaining the world, among many. Decolonising the science would mean doing away with it entirely and starting all over again to deal with how we respond to the environment and how we understand it,” the student continued (ref: Hit and Miss Blog).

Give your heads a shake! Students were told to have another white pumpkin latte, go back to their caves and hide and pray because a solar eclipse is incoming;

  • Science is all about white privilege;
  • Archimedes works for Big Oil;
  • A girl scout is suing the Girl Guides for $30M. Girl Guide cookie factories ramping up to 24/7 operations in response;
  • Canadian Gov’t increasing annual deficit to $40B this year. Our gov’t doesn’t seem to worry about debt so why should I;
  • While the world is going to hell in a hand basket, Canadian politicians and Human Rights officials want to ban the use of indigenous names – like the Cleveland Indians, Chicago Black Hawks etc. Some politicians even find the Edmonton Eskimo’s football team’s name offensive. To Who?? They don’t tell us that! But mark my words, Eskimo Pies will be next! Ban refrigerants! Argon! Heck, lets do away with the entire Periodic Table as it was built by Big Oil;
  • CFCs were banned in the 80s. Now HFCs in the 2016s. KFC is next! After that “Water Vapour” as it is a major factor in the world’s climate, perhaps argon as well;
  • Moon craters forming faster than we thought. Caused by Solar Warming. In response, Prime Minister Trudeau directed the Federal Government to come up with a plan to deal with “space weather” to mitigate the increase in moon crater formation. UN calls for first MOP conference to deal with this important development – Moonbats of Parties – to be held in Las Vegas later this year.

I wish I could, but I can’t make this stuff up.

Argons, er Argooos playing this week. I know, they suck, but I am an ardent fan.

We’re having a major storm here late this afternoon. The press has scared the beejeezus out of everyone. We’re all going to die. Yes we are!  See, see this is ground zero of climate change.

No Virginia, It’s the late June storm season.

To think this came out in 1965.

Hey, Punch Buggy – no return.

Relevant today, don’t ya think.. Yeah, but we’re not on the eve of destruction – and it is a wonderful world – if you just let it be.

Have a great day.

SJ………………………………….Out…..Dot, Dot, Dot.

This Takes the Cake

The move to take down the statue of BC pioneer and Judge Matthew Begbie got me to thinking about an earlier post I made. Here it is again.

Robert Lee, an Asian sports commentator was pulled by ESPN from calling a University of Virginia football telecast because his name could potentially trigger violence. Say what? How can you confuse this guy:

Robert Lee opts out of broadcasting University of Virginia football game over threat of Twitter backlash.


With this guy? Huh?

Image result for robert e lee




Confederate General Robert E Lee


Oh, it must have been the headphones or the grey suit that confused people.

On another note the University of Virginia has decided to be proactive and has banned Sara Lee cakes from all of its cafeterias.

Image result for Sara lee cake

On another, another note they have also changed their dress code in that Levi’s will no longer be considered acceptable dress while on campus. That’s okay, one overweight student remarked. “I am so sick of being fat shamed to death, especially when trying to get into a pair of them. It’s those Sara Lee cakes that are doing it to me so this latest ban is a win, win situation for me!”….Yikes!

“Leave It to Beaver” reruns have also been banned from all school residences.

This just in. Mayor of Windsor upset with Trump Tweets. Well, step in line Mayor. Trump responded: “Who is a Windsor anyhow? Isn’t that a tie knot?”

From the “X” Files comes this:

Canada being Canada: after awarding a known and convicted terrorist $10.5M dollars for hurt feelings this latest announcement will surely get your Canadian cockles up:

Seems now that Canadians have the opportunity to indicate “X” as a gender on their passports. I would have thought a “G” spot would have been more appropriate.

Yeah, this is surely going to help those who comprise less than 1% of the population of getting into Saudi Arabia or many of the other tin-pot dictatorships around the world. “But I’m Canadian” one tourist was heard to say at Saudi customs. “You can’t expel me!”

“Where or who is a Canada?” The Saudi official responded. The smug Canadian tourist was indignant.

Meanwhile thousands of illegals flooding into Canada. Services swamped.

Canadian government is at a loss as to what to do.

I think is has more to do with these confusing signs, someone was heard to say. What on earth is a “Douane” anyway?

“Smoking weed may change how you walk????”  Really? I don’t even have to respond to that one. It stands on its own two feet and merit!

“I don’t think there’ll be a bad line on the leafs,” Connor Brown said. No Connor, you can’t point out a single defining statement for a line because the whole team sucks.

Argo’s suck. And who throws a challenge flag out with 70 seconds to play, and being ahead by three possessions? Calgary of course. C’mon Dickenson, you’re not that good.

Hurricane Harvey was caused by Climate Change and failing that it’s Trump’s fault, and failing that its cultural misappropriation. What? Yes, why on earth would a country like the USA embrace a tropical storm that originated in the Sahara and morphed off the coast of Africa. That storm triggers white supremacy and slavery! The practice must stop…now.

Heard in passing by a Millennial after the total eclipse of the sun:

“Hey man, if we can stop climate change then preventing a solar eclipse from ever happening again should be a walk in the dark…man.”

“Yeah dude. Pass the joint will ya?”

The world is going mad. Political correctness will be the end of us.

The Eagle’s “Take it Easy.” has been banned in many southern states as it conjures up bad memories of Keopectate.

Have a great Navy weekend.

Read ya Monday

SJ……….……….. Out.