Libs: Out To Destroy Us.

Leftist Liberal policies

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They’re out to destroy us:

A third of Canadians will be foreign-born by 2041 based on current immigration trends, says a Statistics Canada briefing note. Canadian-born residents would become a minority in Toronto, it said: “We have made a conscious decision to be an open country.”

White Anglos Saxons are already a minority in Toronto. That is the real definition of Trudough’s Post National State ideology.

They’re out to destroy us:

California Democrat Says Sexually Confused Kids Belong to the LGBT Community, Not Their Parents.

“…those kids belong to the LGBT community. He maintained that such persons who wish to maintain parental rights are “nasty people.”

They’re out to destroy us:

Canada wants to bring in 5,000 Gazan refugees, which demographically means 50,000 given most Gazans have up to 10 children, oh and don’t forget the extended family. Potentially, up to 50,000 terrorists as Gazans are HAMAS as HAMAS are Gazans.

Complain? Criticize? You are branded a racist or being Islamophobic. Trudough’s new anti hate bill could fine or imprison you for hate crime just for complaining about the government’s immigration policy. 

They’re out to destroy us:

Britain, is in its last days as a free society, and will soon become an Islamic state. Many still deny that it is happening at all. They may not even admit it when it overtakes them personally. The English actor-turned-political-activist Lawrence Fox recently noted what was happening: “The Mayor of London is a Muslim. The mayor of Birmingham is a Muslim. The Mayor of Leeds is Muslim. Mayor of Blackburn – Muslim. The mayor of Sheffield is a Muslim. The mayor of Oxford is a Muslim. The mayor of Luton is a Muslim. The mayor of Oldham is Muslim. The mayor of Rochdale is Muslim. All this was achieved by only 4 million Muslims out of 66 million people in England.”

It is happening in the USA and here. There is a real possibility that the USA and Canada could be sharia by 2050.

But there is hope:

The EU just had its parliamentary elections. Conservatives won handily over the EU’s progressive, left, liberal policies. MACRON just called a snap election for his country.

A conservative revolution has swept Europe lifting parties in France, Italy and Germany.

After months of eco-riots, the public firmly rejected green fascism and kicked them to the curb. The results were especially stunning in Germany and France, but political earthquakes also rocked Belgium and Austria, and despite every possible effort to stop Geert Wilders, the Netherlands continues to swing further toward sanity.

Hopefully in October 2025 Canada will regain its sanity…hopefully. If not Canada will probably follow the USA and become a:

Great Canadian band that never received the attention they deserved:



Crazy Canadian Stuff

I cannot make this stuff up. Coming from our Canadian elites (Italics are mine):

Pass the pasta:

Taxpayers (code for Liberal government) give $1.7 million to pasta company creating ten jobs;

But then:

Government to impose fines and taxes on wood fired pizza and bagel shops;

It is climate change don’t ya know:

Turns out that last years wildfire in Nova Scotia, which was the largest in their history, was started by some delusional human – probably a disgruntled Liberal; firing up his wood burning pizza oven.

And his climate cohort started 14 wildfires in Quebec – who was heard to say – we can’t have those dastardly Anglos out do us now can we? Het Gabriella, get that wood burning bagel oven going will you? I gots work to do, tabernac.

And one individual may have started 56 wildfires across Alberta; I don’t need no wood burning oven to do this, and:

All the wildfires last year on Vancouver Island were started by humans or nature.

But…but…but oh damn… lets go after Israel to support HAMAS. Climate change is so yesterday. You bet your Ahss we will. Oh and U of T pro HMAS protesters want free tuition as part of their demands. I always knew it all comes down to money.

Speaking of things that rhyme…NOT!

The Trudeau government sent at least 193 people to the COP28 summit to stay in lavish hotels from Nov. 20 to Dec. 12 last year in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Canada spent over 3 millions dollars (your money) on that junket with 1.3 million spent to set up a Canada pavilion with a Canadian rapper in its employ. He just happened to be a Liberal MP’s son.

I turned it off after listening to it for about a minute.

“Climate disinformation, get that immunization, the vaccine for bad meme infiltration,” said Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman in his opening verse. “Climate misinformation, it leads to polarization, which leads to radical conspiracy ideation,” he continued before giving Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault a shoutout.

“Y-oh man. Dig it, then swig it…you climate bigot.”

The Trudeau government is the biggest harbinger of mis and disinformation in Canada…and a bad rap to boot.

Ideation? Is that a real word.  How embarrassing but then this is Canada.

Follow da money. Good money if you can…git it bigot!

Only in Canada you say…hey!…Shity…? No, its a pity of a dity…Canadian bro.

Relive The Moment With These 90's Rap Artists (Photo Gallery)

No Trudough, this is a rap:



Understanding the Generations - DSG Digital Marketing

The Greatest Generation

The Greatest Generation - The Greatest Generation Poem by Lee Gallaher

Not shown above because subsequent generations are jealous of them.

The Greatest Generation were the greatest of the modern times. They experienced and lived through the depression and World War Two. They brought in unbelievable prosperity in a post war era. They also birthed (unfortunately) the largest demographic in history: “The Boomers.” Their world was built under Judeo-Christian values.

20 Ways They Truly Were 'The Greatest Generation'

And then came the Boomer Generation. The

The Greatest Generation - by Mike Dawson


Boomers: Self absorbed, self centric, controlling, materialistic, anti family, anti religious, it is all about the me generation. Free love, free beer, generally sex, drugs n rock n roll, we want it all but with no consequences. My way only. My children “can’t do it right” generation.

Yet boomers went from their rebellious nature as shown by Woodstock 1969:

Amazing Photos Of Historic Woodstock Festival 1969

And morphed into one that was pro establishment and highly materialistic.

Baby Boomers Confident They Can Ruin Two More Elections - WordBrothel

They are still confident that they can ruin the world with their self-entitled ways and means. I want moe and moe money, a bigger house, a bigger car, two annual vacations per year…I can have it all plastic water bottle, zoomba, pickleball, EV generation. Screw you as “I’m all right jack!”

They gave us:

Gen X

What is Generation X? Characteristics of Gen Xers - Market Business News

Adopting many of the boomer traits but redefining them in their own image. Their parents would be so proud. Adopting the boomer’s free love mantra they are the birth control generation, the abortion is fine generation, me, me, me generation and pro-business generation. They are probably getting back at the boomer generation for being indifferent as parents for they are also known as the “latch key, child care generation.” They are also the first generation where divorce rates began to rise dramatically. They didn’t discard Judeo-Christian values completely but began to undermine them. They are the “Woe is Me” generation.

To avenge their parents and grandparents they gave us the:


What Millennials Want From Fashion Brands Today | Blog

Inept social ability, can’t spell or put two sentences together. Poor adaptability skills. Product of helicopter parents (Gen X). Anti-religious, anti marriage, anti everything except “me.”. They have taken the best or worse attributes of the Boomers and Gen X generation and have made them their own – on steroids. Free love, no marriage, no commitment. They will not accept responsibilities yet demand rights. Not God given rights as they do not believe in God, but in their own secular rights. They protest everything under the sun but often times not knowing, understanding or even caring about that which they are protesting about.  Anti-Semitic, Pro HAMAS and extremely racist and discriminatory for all the wrong reasons. They are the WOKE generation. They are now in positions of leadership in our society and are out to destroy western Judeo-Christian values for their vision and dream of post national state and their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)- do or die – view of life.

They are the cancel culture generation. They are the selfish, do nothing, no good generation who gave us:

Gen Z

Instead of this:

Take it outside- the importance of outdoor play- Kids Connection

They do this:

Generation Z: Who are They?

The oh, oh – WE ARE DOOMED GENERATION – when they move into leadership roles in our society. They will have adopted all of their parents wokeness and DEI methodology, but on steroids.  They are entirely technically focused as they salivate with the latest technological innovation like AI without any thought to the consequences of their utility. They are anti-social, anti – marriage, anti-commitment, anti-religious – artificial, shallow and not very intelligent. They are racist though they rationalize that by upholding secular rights and DEI ideology for the greater good. Likewise they are discriminatory and cannot accept an opposing view. Debate is a “non sequitur” for them and one of their greatest fears. It keeps them up at night. They will say that their view of the world is righteous because of the sins of the greatest generation, whose memory and legacy they are out to destroy.

It remains to be seen but they are entering their thirties now and my bet is that the values that have built our society and our way of life since the greatest generation will continue to be undermined and ultimately destroyed under their guise. They willingly accept toxic cultural beliefs into western society to further their anti-western view of the world. Their generation will be the first to be indoctrinated and brainwashed by their parent’s wokeness and DEI ideology.  Their legacy will be one of cancel culture and censorship. They will be that generation, which George Orwell warned us against. They are also cowards as evidenced by their “ghosting” mind set. They cannot accept criticism of any kind therefore they probably will not read this post.

There ya have it.





I Can’t Believe This.

I can’t believe this. Canadian wokeness on steroids. (Italics are mine).

Front hole? How about A-hole. Please dear gawd, take care of these eejits for the benefit of our sanity.

“Both ‘bonus hole’ and ‘front hole’ are recommended as trans-friendly alternatives to vagina. Trans ideologues have long tried to erase or appropriate any word that is specific to females – from woman to mother and now vagina. And they have gained a foothold in our schools and in our media. Now gynaecological-health providers like the Canadian Cancer Society are swallowing the stupid pills, too,” argued Burchill in a 2023 essay published to Spiked.

Dear gawd. please take me off , or them, of this planet soon. I can’t take it anymore. But, I can vote with my wallet and cancel my monthly contribution immediately. Yes.

And our very own CBC:

CBC Kids asks if commemorating D-Day is a “celebration of violence”

Nice. The religion of peace.

Federal prosecutors have charged 47 Somali Muslim immigrants in Minnesota for skimming $250 million from a coronavirus relief program meant to help feed needy children.

Nicer. Islamophobia 

Pakistan: Elderly Christian Man Lynched over False Blasphemy Charges

Nicest. Obviously those farmers suffer from Islamophobia.

Muslim Immigrants to French Farmers: ‘We’re Here To Kill The Whites’

Vous etes morte mon ami.

And this: hey queers for Palestine… have ya seen this?

‘Palestinian’ Islamic scholar: ‘Islamic culture sees homosexuality and lesbianism as punishable by death’

USA: Laughing stock of the world.

Canada: Not to be outdone as the laughing-est country in the world led by Mini Me of a Prime Minister.

Mini-Me Is Among Us |

The budget will balance itself…dude

Our Canadian Justice system in action:

The son of former BC Liberal MLA Judi Tyabji will not go to jail for sexual interference of a person under 16.

Edelmann said he took into account pre-sentencing reports that claimed Tyabji-Sandana had suffered intergenerational trauma, poverty and disconnection from his Indigenous roots. The report said that his maternal grandfather was Metis-Cree and his paternal grandmother a Metis woman who became an alcoholic after suffering physical and sexual abuse in an Indian residential school. Tyabji-Sandana’s biological father was not involved in his childhood……………..So what?

Sorry Judi. You must have been a bad mother. It is your fault for being compassionate to an indigenous child under our system of justice.

Love this non binary song:

Today is the 80th anniversary of D Day:

Liberal Reality

Excerpts from Canada’s “House of Clowns:”

He must suffer from PTSD from the road trip he took with his parents, back in the day. Just look at his bow tie for evidence.

Definition of a Liberal? “So out of touch with reality.”

A Liberal Road trip:

Passion For Luxury : Most Expensive Private Jets in the World

See…see, the planet is burning.

And the rest of us?

The Flintstones Car GIF - TheFlintstones Car Family - Discover & Share ...

A real family treat. Can’t wait for summer.

As good as it gets. Sounds as good now as when it first came out.