Lies and More Lies

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Lies, lies and more lies. From who? They are trying to kill us. Who? Politicians that’s who.

Oh I remember the 50s and early 60s when they told us to fall under our desks at school to protect ourselves from a nuclear blast.

Yeah, that’ll work:

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Great vid by Gerald Celente, a popular trend-ist and publisher of the Trends Journal.

Masks work now they don’t work, according to Canada’s health expert. Lockdowns don’t work, so says the WHO.

Stock market bubble? Nah. It will never burst.

Real Estate bubble? Nah. It will never burst.

Tulip bulbs anybody:

Love the button:


Sweet little lies:

Don’t worry as God is in control of everything.







Tid-Bits of Info-Craziness

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No worries.

Yale prof calls for ‘civil disobedience’ to stop Amy Coney Barrett confirmation;

Media Reports On FBI Reports Of Media Reports;

The term “Sexual preference” is wrong!  Who knew?;

REPORTER: “Gallup reported last week, 56 percent of Americans said that they were better off today than they were four years ago, that would have been under the Obama-Biden Administration. So why should people who feel that they are better off today, under the Trump Administration, vote for you?”
BIDEN: “Well, if they think that, they probably shouldn’t.”. On a related note:

Joe Biden: “I’m Running As A Proud Democrat For The Senate”

Biden leads in the polls by double digits. Biden-Harris joint appearance in Arizona draws no spectators– as in ZERO attendees;

Pope Francis Declares That The Catholic Church Will No Longer Accept Donations Earned Via Capitalism. He later reneges as donations at the offertory dry up;

NY Times Links Fossil Fuels To ‘White Supremacy’. It’s a gas,gas,gas man On a related note:

Pork n Beans linked to white supremacy as it is a gas,gas,gas man. On a related note:

Californians told to tape up their asses with duct tape after eating Pork n Beans to mitigate unwanted gas,gas,gas. On a related note:

PETA tells people to stop using duck (sic) tape to save duck populations;

Trump, on taking his cue from the universality of the Canadian health care system says: “gal darnit anyway, we’re going to take whatever the hell they gave me and distribute it around to hospitals, so that everyone is going to have the same damn thing and receive the same shitty service.”

Woman Not Allowed To Board Flight Due To “Lewd, Obscene And Offensive” Breasts, a representative of ‘Bare Bones’ discount airlines said;

To keep us all off-guard: WHO Backflips, Comes Out Against Lockdowns;

To keep us all on our toes: WHO says masks are ineffective, except when having sex that is;

On another important Canadian note in the midst of this pandemic: “Penis size doesn’t matter;

Who’s who in this pandemic zoo anyway?

On a related note: WHO is up for a Nobel prize to honor their flexible approach in dealing with Covid 19. Mexico’s Corona company takes a shit-fit;

New Jersey:  “Dependency is Democrat Power;”

It’s called a Lockdown dude: “Maryland man gets one year in jail for hosting big parties during COVID-19 lockdown;”

Astronomers solve riddle of ‘impossible’ galaxy made of 99.99% dark matter. It’s in the “hops” one inebriated astronomer was said to remark. Sales of the delicious nectar soar; and

Back to the dark ages: “Mathematical Association of America claiming it is inherently racially biased. Math is a reflection of white supremacy and must be eliminated: 2 + 2 = 5. Sez who? sayz the WHO that’s who.; and

Next? English is a dead language. “Spelling Bees” must be iluminated.


I wish I were but I am not kidding.


Fear and loathing in America





And we’re not in trouble? Why?

  • Austin Hires Thief For Library. City is shocked that he keeps stealing and that he cannot read;
  • Cashier at Business Being Pillaged By Black Lives Matter Rioters Hands Out Plastic Bags to Help Mob Carry Their Looted Goods. In Canada cashier and store is heavily fined for the use of “single use plastic;”
  • Elementary School Kids Taught That “Objectivity” and “Perfectionism” Are Racist Traits of “White Supremacy;” High school attendance and admittance plunges;
  • Climate Change Is Super Important To Liberal Voters (who refuse to change their own lives). As long as it is someone else’s climate and not theirs.
  • “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” deemed racist…banned;
  • Snow is banned. A symbol of white supremacy. Hey, we can change the climate…right?; Citizens of Saskatchewan celebrate;
  • France changes Mont Blanc name to Mont Les Vies Noires Comptent. Dire ce que? (say what?)

More Liberal-speak. This time from the UN:

The United Nations’ Women Project has released a statement in supporting Kamala Harris after a number of outlets accused Mike Pence of interrupting her during the debate.

On Friday afternoon, the UN Woman’s twitter account posted, “Let’s interrupt the gender bias instead of the women who are speaking. We can all help stop the cycle of manterruption by recognizing it, calling it out, and stopping an interrupter in his (or her) tracks.”


Obviously these people have not heard Elizabeth May debate.

Meanwhile, in all of the nation’s college English department’s reaction to all of this:

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INVASION: Antifa occupies Red Deer, Alberta for “anti-racism” rally.

Should be a riot.

Meanwhile. Your NDP at working the crowd.

Janis Irwin, an NDP MLA who represents Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood was partying with the extremists on the streets, and refused to answer any questions about her mandate to have Extinction Rebellion material be taught to Albertan kids at school.

Madness: 17 year old Greta the Great endorses Biden. Urges all US citizens to vote for Biden.

Because of that remark she will win the peace prize.

This just in: Don’t defend Columbus, celebrate him. After all he did introduce spaghetti to the North American Indigenous folk in 1492.

See the source imageUnfortunately, like the wheel, forks had yet to be invented by the indigenous people, and would not be introduced to them until the 21st Century.

From the law of unintended consequences comes this bit of progressive tom foolery:

To avoid being contaminated with Covid 19, San Francisco city officials dole out free drugs to the city’s drug addicts. Little did they realize that the drugs were laced with fentanyl, that other Chinese contribution to the human race that has become a gift that keeps on giving. Deaths due to drug overdoses skyrocket.

Ah, the US West Coast. Land of progressive thought:

Portland’s new mayor: on the left (of course she is).


In her own words:

“Reducing the budget of the PPB (Portland Police) doesn’t mean there’s nobody there when you call for help. It means more funds available for the alternative types of assistance you may need. We have enough money to help everyone feel safe, and that money should be invested in better housing, transportation, education, health care, and social services that lead to real public safety.”

Public housing in Portland:

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So when Marxists start burning your house down in the name of Black Lives Matter, or ANTIFA, you can call social services, and they will send around a social worker in a couple of weeks to chastise you for your racism.

Only in America.

What it means to wear a mask in Chicago:

See the source imageThe new normal.

Small bills please.

It is a jungle out there.














California Screamin

Why I don’t trust politicians and more Liberal-speak.

Why not indeed. Well, the Turd hates the US don’t ya know.

Thus far our leaderless leaders have cancelled:


Mass immigration. Check

Another nail in Alberta’s and Western Canadian economic coffin.

President Trump approved Alberta to Alaska (A2A) pipeline or rail line to get Alberta oil to deep water ports in Alaska.

Canadian response:

Essentially, Justin Trudeau is telling investors not to put money into the A2A project because it won’t be able to withstand the ridiculous conditions for approval in Bill C-69. The chilling effect alone on investment should be enough to kill this project. Trudeau won’t even need to use C-69.

“It is not feminine enough.” was Trudeau’s response to this initiative.

From the madness, insanity file come this:

The office of California Gov. Gavin Newsom has told residents in the Golden State that if they go out to eat, they should be wearing a mask “in between bites” to protect themselves from COVID-19.

In response California residents have removed the masking tape over their asses that prevent the spread of flatulence to the general public. Governor is upset as temps and methane gas will clearly rise over this. California residents have been told over and over again that they must hold their breaths for 2 minutes after each breath to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air. They just will not do it.

When they did flatulence levels rose dramatically. “It is a double edged sword this Covid, Climate Change thingy”  one official was heard to say.

Meanwhile Arnie is still threatening to tape their mouths to a tailpipe if they refuse to follow Gavin’s Newsome’s CO2 directives.

Follow the science Arnie says.

I kid you not.



If only it was true.

The Golden State is tarnished




Yah Vol Commandant!

Have we not learned our lessons from the past?

Internment camps? In Canada? in 2020?


Good work if you can get it:

During his time as a first-term MP, Justin Trudeau collected $277,000 in personal appearance fees, charging between $10,000 and $20,000 per appearance. During his first term as an unemployed substitute drama teacher Trudeau collected………………………………?

Alexandre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau are still listed as clients of Speakers’ Spotlight. The speeches offered by Alexandre include “Understanding China” and “Canadian History: An Alternative Take on the Past for New View of the Future.”

Oh we understand China alright! Just ask the two Michaels and Wuhan.

Margaret’s bio notes that she is an “active WE Charity ambassador who has presented to crowds of 20,000+ people at WE Day events across the world.”

I wonder what she would have been paid if her last name was…………….Smith?

From the who scratches my back file comes this……………..:

The WHO…..who?. The World Health Organization stupid, is on track to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for the work they did on Covid 19????????

WHO’s up first.

From the “why I would never recommend college to anyone these days” file comes this:

A Brooklyn College professor is facing criticism after he threatened to remove any student who used the wrong pronouns for him any other person in the class.

Pronouns, Gender Identity, and Racial Insensitivity: My name is B. Call me B. I am nonbinary, transfeminine. For my information concerning the use of these terms please consult I use gender-neutral pronouns (they/them). I adhere to a strict policy of respect for the gender, sexual, and racial identities of my students. Intentional misgendering, as with any attempt to slur another student’s personal integrity on the basis of race, ethnicity, or religion, will result in immediate dismissal from class for that session. Continued abuses will result in disciplinary action with the appropriate administrators.

Okay Beee…itch, whatever you say.

Aultman goes by the name “B” and publicly identifies as “nonbinary, transfeminine.” He urges his students to use they/them gender pronouns when referring to him, as he does not identify as a man.

Meanwhile in the college’s English class…………………..:

See the source image

President catches Covid but cannot catch a break…now:

TDS in spades”

“Pelosi seeks to remove Trump from office using 25th Amendment.”

As being medically unfit to hold office…………………..NICE!

Only in Canada would one find this headline:

“EXCLUSIVE: Criminal history does NOT exclude illegal migrants from admittance to Canada.”

Is that like a double negative??


Covidism is the new religion. Now the world has two:

Covidism and Climatism.

Where is God in all of this? In many people’s minds…gone.

But not to me as he is in control. I have nothing to worry about. You should too.