Red Jewel

Enroute to Saipan. 33 days. Jim the Canadian and Nigel the Brit.

It is a good read.

The vast central Pacific Ocean forms the backdrop to this story. However, Hawaiian folklore, an international sailing community, characters, rogues, tragedy, triumph, as well as various other locales, are all facets of this narrative. Red Jewel is a story that sailors and non sailors alike will enjoy equally.

Read about Nigel’s upbringing in Devon England and his time learning to sail on the river Dart.

River Dart in Dartmouth, Devon, England. Stock Image - Image of port ...

Read about Ruth, the love of Nigel’s life, and how he abandoned her for adventure in the Mediterranean, Granada West Indies, San Francisco, Victoria, BC and Hawaii. Her love for him and his abandonment would haunt him for years to come.

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And Jim, the Canadian newbie who knew little about sailing. He would learn fast and mature into an experienced young man.

It is a wonderful story.

You can purchase it on Amazon in a Kindle ebook format or a paperback and hardcover version