Please Mr Bond.

Only in the UK? Canada will surely follow suit:

Does your pet identify as trans?

People often feel like their pets are trying to tell them something. But what if your four-legged friend was actually trying to tell you his or her or ‘their’ preferred pronouns?

Urban Paws, one of the leading pet talent agencies in the UK, has reportedly been presenting pet owners with a baffling application form, asking whether their cat or dog might be trans or ‘nonbinary’.

No, but my car does. I own a Trans-Am. How do I know? It performs great on the Trans Canada Highway.

Speaking of hot muscle cars of which EVs are not:

Today’s super villain:

Oh, I don’t know!

Where Is James Bond When We REALLY Need Him? - Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

“Please Mr Bond. I want a one world government. With me in control, you understand.”

Last summer’s record wildfire season. Climate Change or massive deception by our government to push their climate change agenda for total control of everything we do. Our biggest source of disinformation is the government.

Thirteen minutes long but worth the listen. I believe we will see more of the same from our eco-zealots. This is domestic terrorism and the perps should be taken down by the full arm of the law. Unfortunately in spineless Canada, a slap on the wrist with a promise never to do it again will suffice.

Love this:

BTW, I for one will never ever go and see another Bond film. The woke crowd have killed it.