Only In Canada You Say

Would you take advice from someone like this:

“Woman responsible for censorship of Roald Dahl’s books identified as ‘non-binary, asexual, polyamorous relationship anarchist.”

Should write a book about that…I would say.

And then there is this:  “Hershey’s faces massive backlash over inclusion of biological male in women’s day campaign.”

I will never have a Hershey kiss ever again. Cause you never know what or where that kiss comes from. Go woke and go broke:

Hershey’s faces massive backlash over inclusion of biological male in women’s day campaign

Nice play of words. She—eesh!

15 minute cities? A latest craze from the UN and WEF to force all of us to reduce our carbon footprint. Well, we are probably there now without being told. I mean most people live within a 15 minute jaunt to whatever for their services and entertainment. The problem here is that we are being told what to do and where we are allowed to do it. Personal freedom and mobility will be taken away from us and that is the problem with 15 minutes cities. The Cowichan Valley where I live (Mill Bay) wants to make that 5 minutes. It is a slippery slope to totalitarianisms. What comes next? I say get out of the UN and WEF.

Bizarro! And only in Canada you say? Shitty…yes it is:

A Lower Mainland (British Columbia) Cannabis company says it has received approval from oxymoronic Health Canada to legally possess, produce, and sell cocaine. Hey, now I know why the zealots want to change the name of our province and get rid of that dastardly colonial name of “British,” but not Columbia. Vancouver council now wants to twin the city of Vancouver with Medellin Columbia. Snort, snort, snort. An official was also heard to say: “Well if things really get bad for the user Canada also has the Medical Assistance in Dying Program (MAiD).” Two fundamental pillars of meeting out UN goal of depopulation.

I can’t make this stuff up.

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Quote of the week:

“University of Ottawa excludes white scholars to “combat systemic racial discrimination” in its hiring practices.

Love it:

And then:

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